Pretty Little Liars Recap S7 E19: “Farewell My Darling”

At the precinct, Spencer presents the marvel concept to the Liars of telling the truth, but we all know that’s not happening. Tanner struts in to reveal that the body has been identified as Archer Dunhill. However, just as Tanner closes the door, she heads into the interrogation room where Mary Drake is waiting to sign her statement confessing to the murder of both Archer Dunhill and Jessica DeLaurentis. Although Tanner doesn’t believe Mary Drake is guilty of Dunhill’s murder, she can’t prove it and sends the Liars home. It looks like Mary Drake is making a last ditch effort to give Spencer and Ali a better life than the one she ruined up until this point.


Back at the house, the Liars keep Mona company while they wait for a doctor to come pick her up. Before the doctor shows up, Mona reveals that she didn’t quite get the plan right when she confronted Charlotte in the steeple. It turns out the murder of Charlotte was accidental after all. Mona didn’t mean to kill her, just to scare the hell out of Charlotte, but a struggle led to her death anyway, so Mona tried to cover it up. The next morning the game shuts down completely now that Mona has revealed Charlotte’s real fate and someone has gone down for Archer Dunhill’s death.


Cue A.D.’s victorious drive off into the sunrise, the players tidily package in a ziploc bag in the back seat. The game is almost over, and in next week’s two hour finale we’ll find out who has been raining the fire of hell over the Liars as uber-A since they returned to Rosewood after their five year break from the drama. This is it everyone, the very last episode. Who do you think A.D. is? Will Emily and Ali get their happy ending? So many old character have popped in and out this season, could it be one of them? Give me your theories!

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