RachelWatch: Judge Maddow Speaks

Today: Rachel has gone fishin’ and Victor Fehrenbach goes to the White House.

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“Fierce Advocate”

In the meantime, there was some news. Guest host Alison Stewart led off with President Obama’s address to members of the LGBT community at the White House. The occasion was in recognition of the 40th anniversary of Stonewall and the fact that many members of said community are pissed off enough to stop donating.

I feel like I should be either as joyous or as angry as some people are about this, but so far I’m sticking to a hopeful but wary expectation.

And a certain amount of relief that someone seems to have coached Obama out of his tone-deafness on the matter.

Stewart welcomed attendee Lieutenant Colonel Victor Fehrenbach, who is still fired for being heroic while gay.

I’m always uncomfortable with the point that acceptance is in part a generational issue. Do you think people can feel it when millions of others are quietly waiting for them to die?

Let’s (almost) lighten things up with Judge Maddow and The Case of the Giggles.