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Season 3 Of Bex Taylor-Klaus’ TV Series Voltron Gets A Premiere Date

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Voltron fans, rejoice! According to Netflix, season 3 will premiere at Comic-Con International on July 20 and will be available to all fans on August 4. Although I’ve never watched the show, but I love Taylor-Klaus and I think she’s an amazing actress. I can only assume the lesbian is as good of a voice actress as she is on screen. Taylor-Klaus voices the character of “Pidge” on the show, by the way.

Check out season 3’s trailer below:

Congrats, Bex!

Fans Try To Figure Out If St. Vincent’s New Song “New York” Is About Cara

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, St. Vincent wrote a song called “New York.” Now that the track has arrived, fans are wondering exactly who it’s about. Considering the queer singer dated Cara AND Kristen over the past few years, the debate surrounding the song’s subject is intense.

Here are the lyrics:

“New York isn’t New York/Without you, love/So far in a few blocks/To be so low/And if I call you from First Avenue/Where you’re the only motherfucker in the city/Who can handle me/New love/Wasn’t true love/Back to you, love/So much for a home run/With some blue bloods/If I last-strawed you on 8th Avenue/Where you’re the only motherfucker in the city/Who can stand me/I have lost a hero/I have lost a friend But for you, darling/I’d do it all again.”

OK, so If I had to pick, I would say this track is more about Cara than it is about Kristen. That being said, I genuinely don’t think “New York” is about a love interest — I think it’s about a friend.
If we were to go down the rabbit hole that this is about Cara, however, here’s the evidence. St. Vincent mentions going “back” to someone and that she’d do it all over “again.” Considering the couple broke up a few times over the course of their relationship, this fits. Not to mention the artist found a “new love” with Kristen which obviously didn’t pan out… aka it wasn’t “true love” like her relationship with Cara. What do you guys think?

Evan Rachel Wood Sings A Bit Of Hamilton For A Good Cause

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Who knew Evan was a decent singer? Late last week, Wood took to Twitter to sing “a bit” of Hamilton the musical to benefit immigration reform. If you’ve missed it, Lin Manuel is currently holding a competition called #Ham4All challenge to raise money for The Immigrants: We Get the Job Done Coalition. Per the challenge, Wood and other celebs have been singing portions of the musical to show their support.

Listen to the bisexual actress sing a snippet of “Satisfied” below:


Thanks for supporting an amazing cause, Evan.