‘The Fosters’ Recap: S5.E6: “Welcome to the Jungler”

Last week we gained some insight into each individual Foster kid’s journey to maturity and self awareness, but the one who seems to be struggling the most with this is Jesus. We catch back up with him while Stef is informing the frustrated teen that they live in a ‘compulsory education state’. Stef threatens to arrest Jesus if he drops out of school without passing the efficiency test, because part of her penance for being absent lately is that she has to play bad cop. Jesus vents to his bio dad while they’re building the treehouse, and even though he’s an approachable ear because of his rocky past, he encourages Jesus not to make decisions that will leave him with as much regret as Gabe has.

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Mike and Ana plan to let the kids know of their engagement, but A.J. lets the cat out of the bag to Brandon before he learns from Mike, and Ana clams up to Jesus and Mariana after Jesus reveals that Gabe still has feelings for her. Fret not though, because Brandon swoops in to tell the twins the news even though Anna chokes up. Jesus contemplates whether or not Anna might have withheld the info from them because of what he told her about Gabe, because, duh.

Grace responds to the discovery of Brandon’s bed and breakfast for Cortney and Mason by inviting Cortney to the open mic night where they’re performing. Before the night concludes, the host persuades Cortney to join in, so she takes Brandon with her on stage. While watching their chemistry, Grace chugs a bit too much of the wine Cortney brought along and makes a bit of a fool of herself on the way home. Little does Grace know, Cortney has moved on anyway, as Brandon discovers her making out with Gabe when he bursts into the room thinking it’s Anna instead. Whoops, busted.

After Jesus takes his proficiency test, he approaches Emma with a promise ring, but she shoots it down in response to his decision to drop out of school. Apparently, Emma’s complete rejection is all Jesus needed to commit to whatever it takes to finish high school. I’m glad he decided to stay, but wish the reasons weren’t because of puppy love.