‘Wynonna Earp’ S2. E11: Bobo is the Key

Previously on “Wynonna Earp,” Not Mercedes bit Nicole and started a process of cascading organ failure, we found out Nicole is married, and Waverly gave Not Beth the third seal in return for saving Nicole. Also, Gretta used the Burlap Sack Genie to wish that Wynonna never existed, setting up this episode.

OMG, how much do I love how this episode starts? Waverly and Nicole are shooting their way through a big, muddy, smoky Revenant brawl and someone is going ham with an axe. Waverly is dressed like she’s in a 1970s hippie wedding and Nicole is…Nicole. The two take refuge in a shed, where Jeremy is waiting with a remote detonator. Waverly says she can get Wynonna back, and a moment later the shed explodes. Cue opening credits!


Never bring a stick to a gunfight.

Doc is freaking out in the well when his cell rings. Phew! He’s not stuck in the well forever. He also has a henchman above, and that henchman wants to know why Doc doesn’t just use the ladder to get out of the well, where he is ostensibly supposed to be searching for his ring. Doc crawls out and demands to be taken to the Earp homestead immediately, assuming that Wynonna will be there to make everything right. When he gets there, however, it turns out that in this parallel universe, he’s a ruthless warlord who rules over the Revenants.

The Homestead, the seat of his dominion, now bears the sign “Holliday Haus.” Doc hears shooting in the barn and assumes it’s Wynonna, but finds Rosie there instead. She’s been shackled the last six months and forced to make meth or something for Doc and his gang. Doc puts two and two together and realizes that no one else remembers what happened with the trophy at Shorty’s. He frees Rosie and decides to go find Dolls.

At the Sheriff’s office, Not Mercedes is really starting to look like roadkill. She believes that since Wynonna does not exist in this universe, she and Not Beth are free to do as they like, but freedom is relative given Dolls has her securely contained. Not only is her mind decaying (seriously, I think she’s leaking brain matter from that head wound), but that padding on her butt is getting bigger: she’s turning into a spider-human hybrid.

Doc arrives with the goal of convincing Dolls they need to figure out how to get Wynonna back, but Dolls immediately pulls a gun on him; in this universe, they’re mortal enemies. Doc, who planned for this, reveals he’s wearing explosives: shoot him, and the building goes up. Doc pleads for Dolls to remember Wynonna, but then he’s decked from behind by Sheriff Nicole and it’s lights out.