‘Wynonna Earp’ S2. E11: Bobo is the Key


What happens next makes my heart go, “Awwwww.” Nicole looks at the photo of Sheriff Nedley (in this universe, Doc killed him), then at the clock. It’s 11:59 am, and she puts on lipstick because something important is going to happen at noon. And that something, predictably, is the arrival of Waverly, who walks into the room in slow motion and makes Nicole’s heart skip a beat. She’s bringing Nicole lunch. However, she’s wearing a hell of an engagement ring and she’s worried about whether their upcoming marriage is a mistake. Nicole is wearing a wedding band as well, and she experiences a moment of cognitive dissonance as the two universes overlap: why is she wearing it? The two share “A Moment” before Waverly heads out to meet her fiancé.


Nicole’s face looking at Waverly tho.

It turns out I was wrong: Waverly’s fiancé isn’t Jeremy, it’s Perry. Yeah, the dude from the Burlap Sack Genie episode. Apparently Waverly has been a total runaway bride and this is their third or fourth time trying to plan their wedding because Waverly keeps changing the wedding details. Perry tells her he thinks her vacillation is caused by her unfinished business: the murder of her family. He hired a private investigator to look into it, and the universes overlap again as Waverly has an outburst about the inappropriateness of finding out private information about her before she gets it herself. Perry tells her the killer has been found wandering the roads of Purgatory, babbling. She goes to the insane asylum to find the killer is Bobo.

This Bobo is from the other universe, and he wants to know why he resurrected from Hell. He eventually recognizes that they’re part of a spell and tells Waverly to find Wynonna. At the burned down church, Not Beth realizes that she can’t raise Sheriff Clootie without Not Mercedes, so she charges into the sheriff’s office to retrieve her sister wife. After their departure, Doc co-opts Jeremy into helping him.


I feel like this is something Dominique Provost-Chalkley actually wears? Is that her personal hat?