‘Wynonna Earp’ S2. E11: Bobo is the Key

In the basement of Shorty’s, Waverly opens a trunk of Earp mementos, including her mother’s wedding dress, which she puts on together with a headpiece of flowers. When she hears a sound, she goes upstairs to find Doc, who she doesn’t know as anything but a dangerous criminal. As Doc tries to explain that he’s harmless, Dolls shows up. Doc shoots him, assuming that Dolls is wearing body armor, but he’s not. Then Waverly shoots Doc. As he dies, Doc tells Waverly to find the iron witch and destroy the trophy. It’s the only way to set things to right.

In her hour of need, Waverly calls Nicole and explains what happened. Luckily, Nicole knows who the iron witch might be and is willing to take her. Actual dialogue:

Waverly: You’d do that for me?

Nicole: I’d do a lot of things to you.

Waverly: For…for me.

Nicole: Yeah, that too.

Haaaahahahaha. Never change, Nicole Haught, no matter what universe you’re in. “Wynonna Earp,” the gift that keeps giving to lesbians. At the edge of Purgatory, Dolls has driven to the city limits to die. He calls Jeremy to meet him and tells him to complete the mission. Dolls wants to exult in having killed Doc, but says it felt empty, like he was killing a friend. The universes overlap again, and Dolls dies with Wynonna’s name on his lips.


Never explained: Why alternate universe Gretta is a pirate.

Waverly and Nicole find that Gretta’s life was made no better by her wish. Also, she has an eye patch like a pirate. It turns out that Doc kept his memories because he was touching the trophy when the spell was cast, and those who remember Wynonna can only do so because they’re part-demonic. Gretta tells them that the trophy is at the Homestead/Holliday Haus. Although Nicole thinks it’s impossible to get in, Waverly has an idea: Bobo. She breaks him out from the insane asylum, and it’s on.