Lez Dish It Out! The AfterEllen Weekly Round-Up


Happy FriGay to all my unrepentant Sapphic sisters out there! While the west coast burns and the gulf states flood in the latest wave of climate change-driven apocalypse, find some time for a lil lesbian brain candy. It was an emotional roller coaster this week in Lesboland, but on balance mostly good news. This week we remember lesbian feminist icon Kate Millett, celebrate/mourn the liberation of Cameron Esposito’s right ear from eight years of side-mullet tyranny, resist actual fascism with Staceyann Chin, jam with Jay-Z’s mom and more.

Kate Millett, Author of Sexual Politics, Passes at 82


Second Wave icon, sculptor, novelist and lesbian hero Kate Millett died September 6th of a heart attack. Still dedicated to the women’s movement in her 80s, Millet was in Paris, headed to the Simone de Beauvoir conference. Her book Sexual Politics was, like her absurd black spectacles, truly original: it examined pop culture texts by misogynist dickbags DH Lawrence, Henry Miller and Norman Mailer to demonstrate the male sexual fantasy of dominance and dehumanization underpins  not only patriarchal culture, but the so-called sexual revolution, the counter-culture. Analyzing Jean Genet’s v gay fiction provided a counterpoint — and she wrote all this before she was out as a lesbian. Her engagement with these popular texts in the 1970s paved the way for political analysis through pop culture, changing the lives of so many English majors and AfterEllen writers.

Let us all strive to express ourselves in a way similar to how one of her advisors described reading the dissertation which would eventually become Sexual Politics. It was like “sitting with your testicles in a nutcracker.”



Cameron Esposito Cut Off Her Side Mullet

With no warning to her fans, Cameron Esposito buried her gay-ass side mullet.


serious wow
serious wow