DJ Daniella on what it’s like to date Brooke Hogan

Brooke Knows Best probably received its best ratings ever thanks to the recent episode in which she went on a date with and kissed lesbian DJ “Kiki” Daniella.

When we posted the recap it seemed as though a lot of you readers were wanting, no, needing more of the sweet motorcycle riding butch. So, look how much we love you — we tracked Daniella down and asked her to answer a few questions for us. Luckily, she agreed to answer.

AfterEllen: How exactly were you approached to be a part of the show? It looked like you knew Brooke’s roommate, Glenn. Had you even met him before?

Daniela: No, I had never met Glenn or Brooke before. We did have a scene before our date where Glenn and I first meet at a gay club. You can see it in the deleted scenes of VH1!

AE: OK, but did you really not know who Brooke was when you were approached? Did you look her up before you went on the date, or was that a surprise?

D: I heard the name before because of her dad, but I had no idea what she did or what she looked like. I really don’t watch much TV much less the reality shows.

AE: Was any of the date scripted? Like, did you really say, “Wow” when she walked out in her date outfit (the second time around when she was dressed appropriately for the back of a motorcycle)?

D: Ha! This is really funny. I am not an actress so I was extremely shy and intimidated with the cameras. Also, I totally forgot I was wired to a mic! So, yes, I did say that. I’m gay! So tall blonde girl was like “wow” to me.

AE: Do you think your night was fairly represented?

D: I didn’t see a problem but then again I read some reactions of what appears to be “activist lesbians” and they seem upset. I wish people could stop trying to find reasons to argue and just enjoy it for what it is. And the boy part [laughs] — what can I say? I’ve been getting that all my life so it did not affect me, but she was really nice to stick up for me.

AE: Did you know Brooke was straight before the date?

D: You can always kinda sense — my gaydar is pretty good and I knew she was far from it. I just had fun with it, no broken hearts.

AE: When it was all over, did you know it was going to be a one-time deal, or were you expecting some kind of follow-up? It seemed like the date went pretty well, like you might go out again so it would be normal to expect at least an exchange of phone numbers.

D: Of course there was a follow-up that the cameras did not see, but nothing like that at all. I just thanked her for the good time and sent them a bottle of champagne. That’s all.

AE: Do you think you’ll ever hang out again, at least as friends?

D: Who knows? I always see Glenn around, the gay scene in South Beach is very small.

AE: When you saw Brooke’s roommate and her date, were you wondering if you could get their digits instead?

D: Ha! [Ashley’s date] is very cute, I always run into her and we laugh together about it. She is nice but too young for my taste.

Ashley’s lesbian date

AE: Has the show given you a lot of exposure?

D: Yes, definitely. I was actually taking a break from Djing and now I’m going back because I have some good offers working.

AE: We know that Brooke thinks you’re a good kisser — how was she?

D: Pretty good for a straight girl.

AE: On your end, what was the best part of the date?

D: It was probably off-camera, it was a little weird for me. She is really down to earth and we got to talk and just be silly. At one point the crew wanted to separate us so we wouldn’t run out of subjects to talk about.

AE: And what was the worst part of the date?

D: When we got back to her place, not knowing if I was going to be rejected when I went to kiss her. She was hard to read.

AE: So, would you consider going on another show like that?

D: Who is next? [Laughs] Just kidding. Maybe, it depends on what the show is about.

AE: Is it weird to see that you’ve got such a huge following from all over the country now?

D: OMG yes! After the episode aired, my MySpace and Facebook have been blowing up with girls from everywhere and a lot of people on the streets recognize me as the lil’ boy that kissed Brooke Hogan. [Laughs] It is super weird because I’m really shy and clueless about certain things.

AE: And now the question everyone is waiting for: Are you single?

D: I was seeing somebody after the show but my status now is single.

And now the community can breathe a collective sigh of relief and search for the nearest club that Daniela is DJing at.