8 Iconic Lines from TV Lesbiandom

  1. Your ass is like… it’s top shelf man, it’s top shelf.”

“Wynonna Earp” brought us many gifts in the form of WayHaught, the portmanteau for Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught, but the relationship that preceded it was the friendship between Haught and Waverly’s older sister Wynonna. Earpers have proven it’s possible to platonically ship a friendship through their support of WynHaught, and this line by Haught, said in the midst of her lamenting Waverly’s disappointing choice in men, won Haught the hearts of the Earper fandom. WynHaught in some ways paved the way for WayHaught, as well as Nicole’s inclusion in the Scoobies.


  1. “Gabrielllllllle!”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that at least a quarter if not more of all “Xena: Warrior Princess” episodes have Xena yelling Gabrielle’s name, panic in her voice as she fears that Gabrielle is in danger and in need of rescue. And in fact, much of the time Gabrielle really was in danger, particularly in the early years. But “Xena,” pretty much the OG of all lesbian TV, had tons of other memorable lines as well, for example this classic: “Even in death, Gabrielle, I will never leave you.” “Xena” was unparalleled in its treatment of the idea of soulmates. Sometimes, we’re all just a bunch of Xenas looking for our Gabrielles (or vice versa).


  1. I swear fealty to you, Clarke kom Skaikru. I vow to treat your needs as my own and your people as my people.”

The Clexa—portmanteau for Clarke Griffin and Lexa on “The 100”—relationship spoke to many, many viewers: two strong female leaders doing what was best for their people under difficult circumstances who came together in love. So when Lexa took a knee for Clarke and pledged fealty, it was basically the equivalent of showing up with a U-Haul on the third date and getting promptly gay married. Lexa might not have survived to co-lead with Clarke a brave new world, but her on-screen death started a massive movement in the lesbian community to end the toxic Bury Your Gays trope.



What lines from TV did you find iconic?