Jane Lynch guest stars on a very gay “Reno 911”

The ubiquitous Jane Lynch guest-starred on last night’s Reno 911, and like everything else she appears in, it was hilarious. The episode, "Wiegel’s Couple’s Therapy," follows Deputy Wiegel’s attempt to get more than her allotted amount of state-sponsored psychotherapy by participating in couple’s therapy with her female colleague, Deputy Raineesha Williams.

Here’s a clip:


It’s a fresh way to exploit a tired idea: instead of two straight people pretending to be together for regular health benefits, they stage their act for mental health reasons. And you’re always going to get awesome results when you throw in Jane Lynch as the couple’s counselor.

After Wiegel promises to pay Raineesha, they attend their first session together.

Lynch kicks it off with a speech about the differences between hearing and listening:

Lynch: As the three of us begin our work together, I’d like us to be aware of the distinction between hearing and listening. OK, and with that in mind I’d like each of you to tell me why you’re here today. And I’d like to other person to be really listening, er, hearing the other person — really hearing.

Wiegel: So you want me to hear her or listen to her?

Jane Lynch: I didn’t say that.

Raineesha: [Looking up from her magazine] Hey, who in the hell is Haylie Duff?

Jane Lynch: She’s the, um, I think she’s the sister. Anyway, I have a feeling you’re listening to me, but not hearing me.

Wiegel: She never listens.

Raineesha: You know what? Bull. This is all for her —

Wiegel: [interrupting] We’re here for me.

Raineesha: This for her, so I’m just going to fall back, and I’m going to let her chop it up with you. I’m good over here.

Wiegel: This is all about me. We can just pretend she doesn’t exist.

During their second day of counseling, Lynch gets Raineesha and Wiegel to focus on their relationship.

Jane Lynch: You need to dig deep and tell her something you’re really afraid of.

Raineesha: I am afraid… I am afraid…

Wiegel: of…

Raineesha: I am afraid if you call me a b—h one more time, I’m going to slap the s–t out of you.

Jane: Good share, good share. Trudy, how does that make you feel?

Wiegel: Afraid.

When their third session roles around, Lynch has Wiegel cupping Raineesha’s face, telling her what she loves about her.

Wiegel: I love your gumption, and your get-up-and-go, and your can-do. And your hair. You got good hair.

Jane Lynch: Wow. I asked you for one thing, but you gave me four, and that’s OK. Because they were good things.

Raineesha: [crying] For some reason, right now, and I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to lie: I just feel like I need to say I’m sorry.

Jane Lynch: Can you get closer?

Wiegel: You mean physically closer?

Jane: Yes, and I want your lips to touch.

[They barely press their lips together.]

Jane Lynch Yes, oh yes. Yes.

Wiegel: [pulls away from Raineesha] OK, so. We’re just going to go home together in the house that we live in. We live on the west side where the gays live.

Jane Lynch: Would you like to make another appointment?

Wiegel: Nope. No. I think we feel young again, and if we could get married we would.

After they leave, Lynch launches into a monologue about hearing and listening.

If you get a chance to watch the episode, you should. The dialogue is very mockumentary, so it doesn’t translate well to the page.

The show closes with Lt. Dangle singing a song to a group of grade school students about gay parents.

Here’s the video:


And in case you missed any of those lyrics:

It’s OK to have two daddies, it’s OK to have two moms.

It’s OK if your dads are gay, we can still be friends if your moms are lesbians.

There’s all kinds of mommies and daddies in the USA.

Some of them are fellas and ladies, and some of them are straight up totally gay.

When Jimmy loves Suzy, it’s all hugs and kisses.

But when Jimmy loves another man both of them have penises.

Two dads are comfy and cozy.

Two moms are fun, ask my friend Rosie.

We’ve come along way from Phoebe Buffay’s song in the first season of Friends about "sometimes men love women, and sometimes men love men." That song only had four lines, and two of them were "la la la"s.

Did anyone else catch Lynch’s appearance on last night’s Reno 911?

Thanks to RDG for the tip!