Denise Richards recreates her “Wild Things” pool scene

Remember the days when you’d go see a movie that was said to have any hint of lesbian-ish interaction, because you didn’t see it anywhere else? Well, maybe those days aren’t completely over, but we’ve come a long way since 1998 when Wild Things was released.

I wasn’t familiar with Denise Richards at the time, but was a big Neve Campbell fan. Sure, those sweaters she wore on Party of Five weren’t so hot, but I would watch her in Scream many times over a summer — and I hate horror movies.

Not surprisingly, when the trailer for Wild Things came out featuring a dark, brooding Neve in a ribbed tank top, I was sold.

And then, the infamous Neve/Denise pool scene happened. You remember, right? (Yes, I’m purposely leaving out the threesome they had with Matt Dillon‘s character. Unnecessary!)

Well, in case your memory is foggy, Denise Richards has recreated it — sans Campbell — for you in a recent photoshoot that’ll be shown on a new episode of her E! reality show Denise Richards: It’s Complicated, which has it’s long-overdue second season premiere tonight. (Guilty pleasure alert: I totally watched the first season. She’s actually pretty funny. Really.)

While the Wild Things revisitation doesn’t get nearly as steamy as the original scene with Neve, it has Denise in a pool, in a bikini, with her long wet hair slicked back — just like old times. It’s also not clear what the photoshoot is actually for — perhaps just to get us to tune in to find out.

Well, congratulations, Denise. I’m sold. This time, on you.