10 Reasons Wayhaught is the Best Lesbian Couple on TV

Unless you’ve been hiding under a lesbian rock for the last two years, you probably about SyFy’s smash cult hit, Wynonna Earp, and you’re probably watching it, if for no other reason than to see office Nicole Haught and superhero sister Waverly Earp become Wayhaught, the hottest couple around. The first full trailer for season 3 dropped earlier this month, and with a full Earper panel headed to SDCC, we’ll be on the lookout for some new details and probably one more trailer before the premiere.

So why should you be excited about Wayhaught and the new season of Wynonna Earpyou ask? Let me answer you with ten reasons, in GIF form if you please.

The couple who fight together, stay together.

These two are constantly trying to protect one another, when in reality they’re much better off just fighting side by side. Waverly tried to keep Nicole out of danger by cutting her out of the Black Badge squad. Nicole tried to spare Waverly’s feelings by keeping the DNA results from her, and both situations imploded in their faces. Ladies, you might as well just lean into the mutual badassery. Fighting evil looks good on you. Besides, half the fun of getting injured is letting your partner patch you up, right?

They had immediate chemistry.

Okay, the khaki pants and the cowboy hat are bit much to get used to, but the palpable sexual tension between Nicole Haught and Waverly Earp was obvious from the very beginning. They’re both besties and lovers, and that makes for some serious relationship goals. Even in a parallel universe where Wynonna didn’t exist, the two were finding their way to one another. Nothing’s more romantic than finding your true love in every life, right?

Officer Haught knows exactly what she wants.

Every time she pulls off Waverly’s shirt, Nicole acts like she’s unwrapping the best gift ever. And who wouldn’t? Officer Haughtie knows what she has, and she’s not about to give it up. Sure, she can be a bit territorial, but she’s ready to step up and have Waverly’s back no matter the risk or cost. Remember in that alternate universe when Nicole told Waves that there were lots of things she’d do to her, and when Waves corrected her she just said “that too”. Shamelessly flirtatious, and she goes for the gold every time.

That scarf move though.

Come on, you know the one.

There’s little I can add to this one that the GIF doesn’t already show, and I’m sure you remember the scene. Not much is hotter than getting in those first time smooches behind the closed doors of your boss’s office. It seems like it’s always cold in Purgatory, but I’d rock a scarf no matter the temperature if Officer Haught was going to tug on it like that. Talk about moves.

Their shameless PDA.

In formal wear, in uniform, in life and death. You name it, Wayhaught will lock lips during it. Sure, a few of the times during season two, Waverly was heavily demonically possessed and acting out, but don’t rain on my parade here, okay? Who wouldn’t want to kiss a girl in uniform? After all, they do work together, so you have to steal those kisses at some point. The only one who ever seemed to have a problem with it was Tucker, and he’s most definitely out of the picture, and a super creep at that.

They’re really good at making up.

Like all red-blooded couples, Wayhaught has their fair share of disagreements. Dare I see even full-blown fights every once in a while. But damn, they do make-ups better than almost anyone. The two also fight about legitimate, real world couple stuff, not just the stereotypical “are you looking at her, or her?” lesbian spats we so often see portrayed on screen. These two can fight all they want as long as we get to watch them make up over and over again.

They’re both still alive.

Just barely, but in this case almost definitely counts. I know we’re only approaching the third season of Wynonna Earp, but Wayhaught was established early on, and it doesn’t look like their romance is going anywhere soon. We’ve watched so many shows fall victim to the “bury your gays” trope, including Willow and Tara, one of the originals to spark the trend of the lesbian death trope. Much of Wynonna Earp might be reminiscent of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but definitely not this show’s treatment of its lesbian couple is proving to be entirely different. We’re hoping Wayhaught is ultimately endgame, but if not, I think we can rest assured one of them will most definitely not be killed off.

Waverly does a private dance for her girl.

Did I mention it was in a cheerleading uniform? Without any underwear? Waverly tries to get her girl into the spirit of homecoming by going commando and shaking those pom-poms her unknown mother gave her. When Waverly questions whether that get-up and a cheer-off would be her thing Offier Haughtness responds with “Baby that’s everybody’s thing.” Does anyone else just positively melt when they call each other baby?

Waverly sacrificed everything for love.

At the end of season two, Waverly made what some would call a seriously big mistake. I call it the ultimate act of love and sacrifice. Nicole’s life was on the line after she’s bitten by one of the wicked widows of the west trying to save Waverly. who decided cut a deal with said widow to save her beloved. The widow demanded the third seal (which basically “sealed” the guaranteed start of the apocalypse, pun intended), in exchange for the cure. Up until this point, we’ve never seen Waverly choose anyone over her sister, so this was really a turning point for the two as a couple. Putting the entire world at risk for love, isn’t that romantic?

Their faces light up like Christmas trees when they see each other.

One of my favorite things about this adorable couple is the way one completely transforms with glee when the other walks into a room. Everyone deserves a partner who gets as excited as Officer Wayhaught is when she’s sitting behind that desk at the precinct as Nicole comes sashaying in. Even Wynonna notices it. She once told Waverly while they were at Shorty’s, “Your girlfriend is looking at you like you’re the fudge on your sundae.” Yum, with a cherry on top, please.

The regular premier date for season 3 of Wynonna Earp is July 20th on SyFy, but an early glimpse of the new episode will air after the Harry Potter marathon on July 16th. Don’t miss it!