“Melrose Place” previews their bisexual publicist’s interest in women

The CW has just released several short promos for their Melrose Place fall reboot, and we’re delighted to report that maybe there will be girls kissing on TV after The L Word, after all!

(Thanks to user FlorenceMachine for the tip!)

But first, some introductions: This is Kate Cassidy.

You might remember her from her short stint on Supernatural, or maybe you just know her as David Cassidy‘s daughter. Either way (or neither way), Cassidy plays bisexual Ella in the upcoming Melrose remake, and everything you need to know about Ella is spelled out for you in the new promo.

This is Ella. Ella likes to make it rain. (Or, you know, maybe she’s just buying a pack of gum. I don’t know. I’m just guessing based on the dollar bill and the smug look on her face.)

Ella is a publicist.

(Is there an echo in here?)

She has an eye for talent.

Ella is looking for love.

(Seriously, it’s like you’re mocking me.)

Will Ella find love? Who’s that blurry dude back there? Will he be the one?

Hey yo! It’s a woman! Hmm, is Ella into chicks?

Guess so!

Check out the full promo below.


Melrose Place premieres on September 8. Are you interested yet?

UPDATE: During the CW panel at the Television Critics Association today, a reporter asked about Ella being bisexual. Katie Cassidy responded, “My character is definitely exploring her sexuality” and executive producer Todd Slavkin added, “she is try-sexual — she will try anything” to huge laughs from the audience.