Wanda Sykes will bring the funny business to her new talk show

I would watch Wanda Sykes read the tax code. So to watch her talk about the week’s news on her late-night talk show sounds like heaven. The out comedian, new mom and all-around-hilarious lady, told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour Thursday what to expect when her Saturday night show debuts in November: “I am pretty sure I will be on the show, that’s what we know thus far.”

The show, which debuts at 11 p.m. Nov. 7 on Fox, will be an hour-long wrap-up of the week from Wanda’s point of view with skits, guest panels and commentary. It will cover everything from politics to pop culture. Unlike other late-night shows, it will not feature a regular musical guest, but as Wanda said, “If Dick Cheney puts out a hip-hop album, we’re booking him.”

Wanda, who is still a regular on the CBS sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine, said at first she had no interest in doing a talk show, even though she got her start years ago on The Chris Rock Show. But then as Barack Obama was running for president she realized she, “wished I had an outlet to speak on what’s happening.”

Once her new show debuts, Wanda will be among only a handful of minorities and women to helm their own late-night talk show. When asked by so few minorities have broken through, she deadpanned, “Um, white people.” Oh Wanda, your new show is going to be awesome.

Here are a few more Wandaisms from her Q&A.

On being a female comic in late-night:

It’s a great opportunity. I just try and focus on the job and being funny more so than “Oh I’m a female.” I put funny first and I just happen to have boobs.

On new motherhood:

Motherhood is amazing. I am loving it. But it seems like, when you become a mother — or a father — you you forget what your life was like before you had kids. I think that is good thing, because if you remember what your life was like before you had kids, you’d probably shoot yourself. Life goes, “Forget about all the good times, it’s all about this now.”

On if she has ever been invited on Fox News:

I did get invited, but it was something about washing windows. I think. Don’t quote me on that.

So, are you excited to see the world from Wanda’s point of view? I, for one, can’t wait.