The L Word Gen Q Recap S1 E2 – Less is More


L Word Recap

Less is More

If you need to catch up on episode one, go HERE first.

Episode 2 starts off with some major dyke drama by way of a flashback scene when Alice and Nat are interrupted during late-night sexy time by Nat’s ex-wife, who just happened to be in the neighborhood with a hammer. Yep that’s Gigi. Anyway, she dropped by to nail her wedding ring to Nat’s front door. Yes, that’s right, nail it with a hammer and a nail. Which apparently comes as no surprise to Nat who just shrugs it off because she knows it’s part of lesbian life. Flashback over. Moving on.

Sophie and Dani are in the kitchen gushing over their approaching wedding bells but Dani drops the bomb that she’s working for Bette Porter now and Sophie is like, “Whoa you didn’t run this by me” so I guess she’s not on board.

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Cut to Shane McCutcheon’s McMansion where Finley is basically a squatter now.  It’s morning and Finley makes Shane a delightful cup of gourmet dollar store coffee, as a broke kid is wont to do. Shane is like WTF why are you even still here I want to lean against walls and furniture with my lanky arms in peace. But she takes a sip of the coffee and smiles instead. Like this:

Shane the L Word

Some dude shows up at the door with a special delivery and it’s obviously bad news because Shane is like “NOPE IM NOT SHANE” and slinks back downstairs to her Shane cave.

Cut to Dani’s office where she tells Daddy Warbucks she’s not going to accept the spectacular new office he’s giving her because she’s going to just go right ahead and work for his enemy Bette Porter instead. Nice. He’s not too happy to hear this, a lot of disapproving looks are exchanged, and then Dani adds a cherry to the top of the rebellious daughter motif by dropping the, “I’m getting lesbian married!” news. Daddy is not amused. Daddy huffs out. Daughter sulks.

At Bette’s campaign office, her bratty kid is whining about being there because she ditched school, and Finley and Sophie share a heart to heart about relationships. Kind of. So far Finley is either my favorite character or she annoys the shit out of me and I can’t decide which.

Bette Porter The L Word

Cut to Miss Fancy Pants Dani who arrives all bright and bushy-tailed for her first day on the job. She and Bette share a moment over a painting that is supposed to be some mind-blowing work of art but it looks pretty dull to me. More importantly, it kinda seemed like they were gonna kiss. OR they def were not going to kiss, but I just wanted to think about that for a sec. Hard to say.

Over at the Alice show, Alice and Sophie have to convince their executive producer overlords that the show doesn’t have to stick to fun pop culture but also could touch on important issues like lesbian representation in media. And they got Lena Waithe as a guest, woot! The producers are like, “yeah whatever just be funny and cute.” Then Alice has to go pick up her sick step-kid from school even though she totally forgot she has a step-kid and clearly isn’t into it.

Bette and her new hot campaign manager Dani discuss her PR issues, and BAM we learn that Jenny Schecter committed suicide in her pool by drowning, so now we know. Jenny killed Jenny. But of COURSE. Also Bette lists off the skeletons in her closet which includes a night in jail plus some wife cheating. (Well, duh about the cheating).

Alice’s step-kid is hurling kid vomit and she is no help, but it’s Shane to the rescue, who can do the whole kid thing.

Shane misses her wife, and has feelings. Who is this woman? Time will tell.

Party time at Sophie’s family abode where she confesses to her mom and sisters that she’s nervous about marrying a power lez. In so many words.

Back at the Shane Palace, Finley is still hanging around trying to be Shane’s main bro, but the all new in-her-forties Shane has got REAL problems now and isn’t amused by the Gen Q’s attempt at friendship. That mysterious package was finally delivered with Shane’s name on it, and it has some serious looking papers inside it. Shane shoves it in a drawer and takes out her annoying young protege for a night in Lez town.

Then there is a scene with some dudes at dinner but it’s boring and I pretty much spaced out during it. Back to the lesbians.

Shane the L word

Shane and Finley are at the bar where there is some hilarious generational divide interaction. Like all the other kids, Finley can’t get off her phone and Shane is like, “dude can you put your phone down and look around you for once” which prompts her to take two shots of cheap tequila, charge it to “mama” Shane and proceed to try to hit on every girl at the bar. She’s rejected 100% of the time of course while Shane, all stoic and older, only has to sit there and the girls come to her. That’s right, she’s still got it, ladies. And she knows it, too. Besides looking very Shane in her forties she’s a RICH BITCH so she can party.

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At Chez Alice and Nat there is some serious talk about family life and how Alice essentially doesn’t want one. But it’s all good. Alice is still charming and quirky and hard to be mad at, which I like. I missed Alice. We’d be friends IRL for sure.

Shane almost gets into a bar fight with some drunk douchebag but then is inspired to make it a lesbian bar like back in the old days.

Finley scores! Sort of. She got the girl home and half undressed then she almost tosses her breakfast, lunch, and the ten tequilas she just had for dinner. Classic.

Back to Bette putting her foot down to her delinquent teenager and then waxes on to a park full of people about becoming the first lesbian mayor.

A little baby dyke in the audience cries and things get emo.

Gigi, who you may recall is the hammer-wielding ex-wife of Nat, shows back up to get her kid and hangs with Alice. At this point, I realize the hammer scene was a flashback from before Alice and Nat even lived together, and apparently I had completely blanked on the fact that Gigi was in the first episode. Anyway, she and Alice have a bonding moment. End scene.

Cut to Sophie’s family at the engagement party where her mom gives her her grandmother’s necklace. Finley gets a text from the chick she (sort of) hooked up with the night before and makes a quick exit to go bang her for real, hopefully not about to vommie this time.

The show ends with a montage of mostly lovey-dovey couple scenes, Shane reading her divorce papers (she finally opened that package!) and Bette meeting a mysterious woman (is it Felicity?) in the stealthy dark of night on a park bench. they say they missed each other and hold hands and it’s sure to be scandalous.

What I like most about this episode is the budding love/hate friendship between Finley and Shane and how Shane is not having it with these kids and their goddamn phones but she may buy that bar and make it a lesbian bar because DAMN IT the Gen Q baby lesbians need a lesbian bar. And Shane has more money than Sappho now and can make that shit happen. Also, everything about Alice because she’s hilarious and I adore how honest she is. She’s that same Alice from 2005, just in different circumstances.

Tune in next week for the recap of episode 3. We better get that fictional lesbian bar of our dreams too because it’s not happening in real life.