A Lesbian Recap of Marvel’s Runaways: Season Three Part Two

Welcome back to our lesbian recap of Marvel’s the Runaways! Let’s get right into it. Warning! There will be spoilers ahead. 

Episode Six: “Merry Meet Again”

Not all the runaways made it back to the real world. Alex is still trapped in that nightmare realm. This is really stressing Nico out as she feels responsible for sending him there. She puts that on the back burner because she finds out her dad is now dating Morgan. Elsewhere, Karolina finds out her mom restarted her church, you know the same church that killed all those teenagers? Yeah, that church. 

After all these revelations, KaroNico finally have a moment to talk. Nico thinks it might not be so bad to go to Morgan to help her with her magic. And to find a way back to the nightmare realm to get Alex. Karolina, on the other hand, doesn’t think that’s such a good idea. Nico uses a magic bowl to locate Alex, but in doing so opens herself up to being consumed by the darkness. Karolina knocks over the bowl to stop this, but it upsets Nico. And now we know Morgan is purposely trying to cause a rift between the couple. 

Later, the runaways head to an event hosted by Nico’s father and Morgan to celebrate the success of their new line of phones. Karolina doesn’t trust Morgan at all. She sneaks around to figure out what’s going on. She finds a ritual room. And it’s always a bad time when you’re at a party and you find a blood-red ritual room. Morgan catches her and tells her exactly what she’s afraid of: losing Nico. 

Trying not show she’s visibly shaken, Karolina walks off to find Nico to tell her exactly what she saw. This triggers an argument between the two. Nico feels Karolina’s distrust of this magic is her way of saying she’s bad because of her abilities. Karolina explains that she’s just scared for her. “You’re not scared for me, you’re scared of me,” Nico replies. Now, remember what Karolina saw in that nightmare realm… 

Karolina simply says if Nico chooses to go down this path, she cannot follow. Nico leaves. Have our lesbian heroes broken up? It sure seems like it.

But it gets worse. Morgan takes Nico to the ritual room…

Episode Seven: “Left-Hand Path”

While Karolina sleeps alone back at the house, Nico wakes up in the ritual room with a dozen other women. Two opposite ends of the lesbian-Saturday-night spectrum. 

When Nico returns to the hideout, she and Karolina argue about Nico’s behavior. Karolina mentions that she’s been stubborn in her unwillingness to find other ways to get Alex back and for not allowing anyone else to help her. 

Nico leaves in a huff, but it seems Karolina’s words got to her. She goes to her mother for help. One problem: her mother has been forcibly committed into a hospital by Morgan and her henchwomen. While there, Nico finally admits she doesn’t trust Morgan either. Did Karolina’s words finally reach her? Or has she felt this way the whole time? Maybe a little of both. 

Back at the hideout, Karolina and the others try to create a viral video warning the public about Morgan’s evil phones. Yet another problem: Morgan now controls a tech company and also she’s a witch. The video mysteriously disappears from the web. Nice try, guys.

Nico and her mother sneak into Morgan’s room to look for the right spell to get to Alex. Her father finds the spell, but not before Morgan finds him. This woman is all business. She cannot tolerate him having touched her personal items. I also have this reaction when a man touches my things. To ensure Nico never gets the spell, Morgan kills him. And in his dying moments, he gives his daughter his glasses. Morgan also has her henchwomen kidnap Karolina and the others. 

Alone back at the hideout, Nico mourns her father by herself. Just when she feels all is lost, she finds out her father’s glasses recorded the spell. She wastes no time. She opens a portal. But instead of Alex, Ty and Tandy (from the show Cloak and Dagger) emerge. 

We’ve got a crossover on our hands, ladies. 

Episode Eight: “Devil’s Torture Chamber” 

Nico, Ty, and Tandy decide to work together to get everyone back. For those not familiar with Cloak and Dagger, Ty can teleport and has the ability to see one’s darkest fear. Tandy uses light crystal daggers and can see one’s hopes. Definitely skills that’ll help in the upcoming fight. Once they get the others free of Morgan’s goons, they all head back to the nightmare realm together to get Alex. They partner up lest they get separated again. We are graced with some KaroNico hand holding. 

But the nightmare realm has changed since the last time they’ve been there. They are no longer separated when they go outside. Instead, they’re greeted by the scene of a burning Los Angeles. And every SoCal resident let out a long, exasperated sigh because that was our reality earlier this year. 

Anyway, as they’re searching the nightmare realm, Karolina tells Nico she needs to stop shouldering this burden on her own, or else they’ll lose her too. Nico agrees and apologizes for her behavior. The happy couple is back as they tell each other, “I love you.” 

The group continues to search. Tandy accidentally touches Nico. And what does she see? Another KaroNico wedding. This is the second time we’ve seen these two get married this season.

But Nico doesn’t appreciate someone looking into her head without her permission. Tandy keeps her secret safe. And how frustrating it is that these two can’t figure out that the thing they desperately want more than anything else is each other. Remember to communicate, ladies!

While Tandy doesn’t tell Karolina what she saw, she tells her she believes she and Nico balance each other out. But this happiness is short-lived because now they have to fight a bunch nightmare realm goons. An undead magician takes Karolina captive. Not to worry! Nico comes to the rescue by grabbing one of Tandy’s daggers and stabbing him. They find Alex and escape. But as soon as they find one, another goes missing. 

Morgan has Molly and plans to use her for a ritual. 

Episode Nine: “The Broken Circle”

KaroNico starts us off by having a conversation about how to stop Morgan. Nico suggests the dagger, but Karolina is hesitant because they don’t know how it works yet.  She suggests they rest and regroup, then they can all talk it over as a group. This causes another disagreement. 

While the other runways are having heterosexual drama, Morgan has started her ritual to bring the nightmare realm crashing down into the real world so she can rule with an iron fist. Well, that seems a little more pressing than whatever the straight people are worrying about. Karolina and her mother have a talk. She admits she’s afraid the magic will take her and Nico on different paths. During this conversation we find out that because of Karolina’s alien biology, she might be immune to Morgan’s mind control magic. It gives them a bit of hope. 

Nico also has a chat with her mom while she’s watching her perform blood magic. And it is beyond me why women can’t just wait until someone is on her period to do blood magic, but that might be a lot less dramatic than slicing into your palm. Which you absolutely should not do, trust me. Anyway, the blood magic enchants salt they can use to trap perhaps the most powerful foe they’ve ever faced. Morgan pulls yet another Bloody Mary because it seems like she appeared just as someone said her name. 

Nico attempts to stab her with the dagger she used to kill the undead magician, but Morgan is unaffected. In fact, she absorbs the dagger, saying she’s become much too powerful for that to work. Preposterous display of hubris, but alas… 

She tries to bargain with the runaways. She tells them to submit to her and she will let them live. Nico refuses. She tells Morgan, “you can’t force people to follow you, that has to be earned.” You earned it little witch. But Alex submits. And so do the runaways. Karolina tells Nico she loves her too much to see her die like this. She submits too. 


It was all a trick to get Morgan’s defenses down. After all, one is most vulnerable when they believe they’ve already won. Unfortunately, this plan didn’t work as planned. Morgan tries to control Nico, but Karolina steps in and uses her light powers to protect her. 

Gert uses her wits to trap Morgan in the salt circle while Nico’s mom sends her back to the nightmare realm. But their victory comes at a cost. They lost Gert. 

Episode 10: “Cheat the Gallows”

There seems to be a time jump between this episode and the last. It starts with Chase’s man pain over losing Gert. We can skip that and get to the important bit, Karolina in her new home, a student at UCLA, with a girlfriend who isn’t Nico. 

Nico has been gone for three years and she’s told no one of her whereabouts. Who hasn’t been ghosted like this before? She returns to LA, sans her goth look. Just as she’s about to text her friends for a meetup, she gets a knock at her door. It’s Alex. He immediately shoots her. But not today, son! She stops the bullet with magic. Turns out that was Alex from the future. Future Chase tackles him and explains what’s happening. He mentions how time travel works and that if you interact with your past self, there’s a big chance your present self will disappear. The fact that teenagers did time travel in a way that makes more sense than it did in Avengers: Endgame is truly laughable. 

In any case, Nico meets Karolina’s new girlfriend. What lesbian hasn’t had that happen? 

The group, including present Alex and future Chase, decide they have to go back to high school to protect themselves from future Alex. Just when you thought they were done with the nightmare realm, they now have to relive high school. 

During their time travel adventures, Nico has her chance to apologize to now ex-girlfriend. Karolina admits she will never give up on her. 

They travel back to the night they faced off against Morgan. Nico says to tell with the rules of time travel. She finds her past self and apologies to her, too. She tells herself to believe like Karolina believes, with her whole heart, to stay and fight, and to allow Karolina to lead her into something better. They save Gert, but that alters the future. All their future selves begin disappearing. Karolina’s last words are to Nico, “promise me you’ll find me, wherever we are.” 

The show ends the day after they defeat Morgan. All is well with Karolina and Nico. Except, Alex finds a note from his future self that reads, “Kill Nico,” an explanation as to why his future self attempted to shoot Nico. 

The End

There you have it, ladies. A lesbian-focused recap of Marvel’s Runaways. There was a lot to process, and the ending felt rushed and a little odd. But can you blame them? The show’s cancellation came as a surprise and it left little time to neatly wrap everything up. But, the launch of Disney+ explained that. At least, we got a few tender KaroNico moments. Did they have a happy ending? Well, they’re both alive and no one was forced to be with a boy, so we’ll take that. It’s unclear whether the show will return on Disney+. And even if it doesn’t, there are a ton of other lesbian superheroes who can have their own show.