L Word Generation Q Recap: 1.6 “Loose Ends”

We begin outside Bette’s house, where the media has surrounded the place, looking for answers about Bette assaulting Felicity’s stalker ex-husband. Alice is wearing an incredibly chic vintage snowsuit in shades of mauve. She has on yet another jaw-dropping pair of sunglasses. She is VERY mad at Bette, who is also wearing a chic onesie. How could not Bette not tell Alice about Felicity? How could she have told Shane? How could Shane keep this on the DL?

Bette is just about to drop out of the race and when she opens the door – BOOM – it’s TINA, LA’s top PR fixer. YOOOOO Bettina fans are all your wishes about to be granted??

Shane makes a plan to take Angie to the DMV to get her driver license, but first she has to stop by Dana’s. She walks in to a scene of wreckage. Finley is wearing rainbow undies and a Hawaiian shirt which should have been her first fireable offense, but getting hammered on shift and leaving the place a wreck is way worse. These two need to get rekt before they kill Shane’s bar, but Shane let’s them off the hook.

Bette and Tina review the events of last night. Bette told Angie to get to the car, but Angie stepped in to protect her mother, and Felicity’s husband knocked her to the ground. Mama Bette pushed him but she wasn’t trying to kill the guy.

At Millenial house, Sophie takes her rage out on a salami sub. It’s time to get Finley to come clean about the extent her drinking is leading her to some fucked up choices. But she’s not having it! She’s gonna keep keeping secrets and enjoy a “nip dip.”

At election headquarters, Dani is working to find a spin. She still believes in Bette and this campaign. But Pierce is over it. Bette is not the candidate to shake up politics and create a path forward for inclusion. She’s just a typical lying politician in Pierce’s eyes. Dani is going to have to do this alone.

Angie successfully passes her driving test and Quiara and Shane, acting as her surrogate parents, couldn’t be more proud.

The sister wives review Bette’s betrayal of Alice. Must be nice having two girlfriends and double the lesbian processing RAM. But is it really something that Gigi needs to go and tell random servers about? Alice thinks gossip is her brand, but even she can’t anticipate what’s going to happen when this gets out.

Tina and Bette are hitting their stride now, picking up on good terms in both parenting and PR matters. But Tina has to hand Bette her ass a bit. She’s always wanted things on her terms, and Tina has always obliged.

Angie, high on the success of getting her driver’s license, is ready to let Jordie know she’s crushing. Quiara and Shane reminisce about their Before Sunrise meet-cute and give her lots of encouragement. This is hands down the best storyline of the reboot. Angie likes, actually loves Jordie, and Jordie does, too.

She gets her first kiss! Quiara can’t help herself, she has to point out how hot she is for Shane in Daddy-mode. Looks like Shane is going to have to come around on the kids thing afterall. Cuz they’re definitely moving in together! It’s a hot mess, but it’s the hot mess required to get Finley out of her house.

Finley and Sophie are in a drinking contest at Dana’s. Finley decides to try to talk to Tess, who is interested in keeping things low-profile. It was all just a casual friends-with-bennies situation and it’s never going to happen again. Although Finley appears to wish it would. Tess is drinking behind the bar, so the relapse is still going strong.

Sophie says Finley has to move in with her and Dani now that she’s getting the boot from Shane’s. As Sophie rides home on the back of Finley’s bike, she holds her VERY close. Looks like her bro might become a little more!

The sisterwives are experiencing more turmoil over labels and when to tell the kids. The kids are already asking questions about mama Gigi staying over! Alice and Nat are in disagreement again. Nat is torn because she loves Gigi but still carries the weight of all the things that went wrong in their relationship. But Alice remains confident that inviting Gigi even deeper into their little family will not threaten her and Nat’s relationship. Nat is convinced to try again with Gigi.

It took her all day, but Bette is finally coming around on staying in the race. But that requires making a public apology, demanded by Felicity’s ex-husband.

Bette gets honest about why she’s running. We knew that Kit had died of an overdose, but we didn’t know that her heroin addiction was kicked off by being overprescribed oxy after a car accident. She had struggled for years with addiction, and at intake, if the hospital had asked her about her history, they would have been able to offer alternative pain management. It makes Bette think of the family she has left, chosen and not, and how she has to fight for them.

This episode ends as all of them do, with a montage checking in on all our characters. The sisterwives are cuddling their children. Quiara and Shane are looking out at the LA skyline, divorced and in love. Finley and Sophie are spooning on the couch. Until Dani walks in. Sophie simply wants to know how her day went, but Dani is aggressive in defending her own space and silence. She doesn’t have anything to say to Sophie. Is this finally Sophie’s breaking point? Will she walk away from Dani’s withholding, controlling, emotionally disengaged engagement? Not this episode.

In the penultimate scene for Bettina stans, a long and tender embrace on the porch as Tina tries to go home to her wife? girlfriend? She’s Bette’s family. She loves Bette. Bette begs her to stay.