Batwoman Recap 1.17 — A Narrow Escape

After a month’s hiatus, we’re back! I wasn’t sure if fans were going to see more of Batwoman anytime soon since the show’s shooting and editing was hindered by the pandemic. But it seems like we’ve got a couple episodes coming up!

We open to Kate playing video games in her swanky apartment, riffing loudly on “who’s your daddy” and “come to daddy” (blergh) until she wins. Then Alice saunters up. The two are drinking and playing together! Being sisterly. Red gem necklaces sticking out of their respective hoodie and lace button up incase you didn’t know they were vibing. Matchy-matchy! They banter in almost a flirty way, getting overly sentimental about “never giving up on each other” until the lights start to flicker. It’s only a dream. And Alice in real life is being electrocuted by Arkham’s evil doctor. It’s messed up. And I just can’t understand how the Kane fam would allow her to be in the city’s corrupt psych ward. 

Next, in an epic cinematic sequence, we see Batwoman shoot up twenty flights of stairs to intercept a jewel robber. She takes his duffle bag of bling and says, “Consider this a warning. You’re free.” He sulks away until surprising her with an attack. She counters, but he falls down stairs and hits his head with a sickening thud. Kate’s heart stops. Did she just kill someone again? Luckily the guy’s eyes flutter open in time for her to escape police, but on the roof she has a panic attack. Can someone give her a bat hug STAT? Supergirl is only a city away, sis.

One week later, we watch as a police officer wakes up in his patrol car. There’s a bomb strapped to his flabby chest and a tape recorder in his hand says he has to choose either to save himself and blow up a building of people, or be a hero and sacrifice himself for others. What a dilemma! But wait. In LITERALLY five seconds this ding dong pushes the button to atomize a dozen folks in a bank.

In Mary’s clinic, a Batwoman impersonator gets wheeled in. She’d been trying to fill in for the real Bat who’s gone MIA. In classic Mary humor, she quips, “your heart is in the right place, but your ribs, however are not.” When asked if she knows what happened to Batwoman, Mary laments that she’s the last person big B would confide in.

At Kate’s filthy apartment, Julia (ex-boo and British Intelligence) lets herself in to check on a couch-ridden Kate. They talk briefly about their kiss from the week prior and move past it. Julia gives Kate the hard pep talk she needs to get back on the streets.

Then Julia pops over to Sophie’s house. LOL. We got a lesbian triangle going. They’re solving the murder of Reggie Harris (guy who was framed for killing Luke’s dad), figuring out who tried to kill Sophie, Jacob, and tying up other loose ends in the case. They have a conspiracy board on the wall and eat “extra pickle” burgers together on the bed. This feels… intimate? I mean, Sophie is basically drooling. And not for the burger.

In the Bat Cave, Kate figures out what Batman and The Crows couldn’t — that our baddie “The Detonator” was in the military. And that the number 214 which is stamped into each of his bombs (indicating this isn’t a copycat) is the same form number of those who are dishonorably discharged. Which Kate knows, since she was discharged too. Luke says, “So, the military deemed you not good enough, and now that very thing is going to save your city’s ass. I’m just gonna leave that little piece of irony right there.” Kate smiles for the first time in forever.

She tracks down the perp only to find out it was his dad, who’s dead now. Actual dead end. So it’s strange when The Detonator straps up another victim (Reggie’s lawyer). Jacob acts quick to evacuate the 1-mile radius where the bomb might be. But he doesn’t know that Mary’s clinic is in the radius. Or actually, exactly next to the building that blows up. It explodes just as Kate walks in to warn them.

Amidst the rubble, Kate has another panic attack, at which point Mary lays down the tough sisterhood admitting she knows she’s Batwoman, and that as Batwoman she inspires people. Kate makes a Ga-Zoinks face. They have a heart to heart, until Mary concludes, “I’m not asking you to be a hero. I’m just asking you to keep going.”

Alice and Mouse take over the psych ward in their usual skin-related ways. But instead of escaping, they decide to stay and run the place until “Gotham forgets about them.” Then they’ll return.

Our friends Sophie, Julia, and Luke put together that the common denominator in all this funny business is Agent Robles, The Crows’ Head of Homicide who’s trying to cover up his hand in Lucius Fox’s murder. But the guy covers his tracks. He plants a mega bomb under the Wayne Building and straps Jacob with a bomb.

Batwoman thinks quickly, catching Robles and bringing him back to the mega bomb, but he can’t disarm it. Luke goes rogue and joins them. With the click of a button he seals off the building with metal. The bomb won’t get further than them, and he wants answers. Turns out “rich ass Tony Elliot” (who despises Bruce Wayne) wanted Lucius’s secret journal. Things escalate when Robles threatens Lucius’s son.

That’s when Luke loses it. He’s about to pull the trigger when Kate confesses her secret. She killed Cartwright. And feels like a fraud now. “The world is short on heroes,” she pleads with him.

With seconds left on the clock, the three escape together before Jacob gets the go-ahead from his two lesbian assistants. Both of which he promotes to a task force to “drain the swamp.” Julia and Sophie have very compatible, easy-breezy energy. No dark past and intimacy hurdles. Can’t wait to see them “work” together.

And in other good news, Mary is part of the Bat Squad! Luke hilariously babbles and tries to keep up the facade as the sisters smirk at him.