Elenor’s Reaction to Fabiola Coming Out Is The Cutest Ever – Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever - Fabiola falls


Never Have I Ever, produced by Mindy Kaling, is a new Netflix comedy that covers exactly what it’s like to be a closeted, lesbian, teenage girl.

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan makes her television debut as Davi, a first-generation Indian girl just trying to navigate her formative years and… “get railed.” Like most young adult television dramas, Davi wants to secure herself and her best friend’s boyfriends for the school year. However, it becomes increasingly apparent that one of Davi’s friends, Fabiola, is not entirely comfortable with Davi’s boyfriend-finding mission. Fabiola has to confront the idea that she may not like boys, and the show’s writers do an excellent job highlighting Fabiola’s raw teenage emotions. Fabiola is played by Lee Rodrigez, and Never Have I Ever is one of her first leading roles.

Davi and Elenor, Fabiola’s best friends, often make fun of Fabiola for her excessive use of plain colors and polo shirts in her fashion. Davi sets Fabiola up with a boy she thinks would be a good fit because Fabiola is a STEM girl who’s a robotics genius. Fabiola plays along with the narrative and proceeds to date this boy for a while during the show, oftentimes forgetting they are even a couple.

All the while, Fabiola struggles with the idea that she is attracted to another girl in her class, Eve, and wants to define herself by her own terms. It takes Fabiola a minute to really blossom into herself, as she hides behind her friends Davi and Elenor’s strong personalities. Fabiola also expresses her fear of being honest with her family, particularly her rather controlling mother. However, soon viewers see a shift of confidence in Fabiola, shortly after a sweet scene where Fabiola comes out to Elenor.

Fabiola had tried to come out to her parents. It was extremely difficult for Fabiola to find the right way to tell her parents, and she was so nervous she ended up not telling them. The tension was palpable, and Fabiola lost her confidence and claimed that she gathered the family together to tell them she switched her AP classes. However, once Fabiola gets the opportunity to sit down with Elenor, the energy is completely shifted. Fabiola and Elenor sit on the couch together and Fabiola decides at that moment to tell Elenor that she’s gay and apologizes for not telling Elenor sooner. Before Fabiola can even get the words out, Elenor cuts her off and says, “Do not dare apologize to me. I love this for you.” Then the two friends hug it out. Awwww.

The writing here is epic because Elenor reacted in the most beautiful way possible. This is what friendship is: unconditional, supportive love. So often in the media, we see these huge to-dos with coming out making it something incredibly serious. We often see a lack of acceptance and judgment following coming out scenes as well. The writers for Never Have I Ever did an amazing job of showing that being gay is normal and that sometimes all you need is a little love and support from your friends and family.

Fabiola does eventually come out to her mother, who was completely understanding and showed her nothing but love. It finally seems like Fabiola is able to exhale, and fully come into her own. She even lands a date with the girl she had been crushing on! Watching Fabiola truly blossom is relatable to many, as coming out is never something that is easy. However, the writers of the show do an incredible job of showing true love and acceptance, starting with the sweet scene with Elenor and Fabiola.

It is quite beautiful how showing unconditional love and acceptance to someone who is coming out can truly give them the confidence to continue coming out to others in their lives. Not to mention, to be themselves! This is why Never Have I Ever has created a narrative for young women who are struggling to accept who they are and come out on their own terms. We need more of this kind of representation in the media! Mad props to Mindy Kaling on this one.

Never Have I Ever itself is filled with tender, heartwarming moments as well as hilarious laughable ones. The three girls are all women of color, navigating what it is like to be teenagers in today’s society. Following Fabiola’s story highlights that you can navigate your sexuality, question it, and not be ashamed of it. Many teenagers face the idea of coming out and shy away, which is still completely understandable. However, Fabiola shows that when you are ready you can shine, and that you should feel accepted and loved. The scene where Fabiola comes out to Elenor is significant because their friendship is so genuine. Elenor truly loves Fabiola and just wants the best for her, no matter what. This friendship allowed Fabiola the confidence to come out to her mother, believe in herself, and ask out a girl for the first time. What more could you ask for?

Never Have I Ever is now streaming on Netflix.