Lesbians and the women who play them on TV at the 2009 Daytime Emmys

Ellen may have missed out on winning her fifth consecutive trophy for best talk show, but last night’s 36th annual Daytime Emmy Awards were gayer than ever before.

Ellen DeGeneres and wife Portia de Rossi arrive/canoodle at the 36th annual “Daytime Emmy Awards”

The ladies of The View bested The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the talk show crown, but Ellen still took home four Emmys, including one for the promo of her interview with her wife, Portia. Ellen’s loss was quite an upset as far as awards shows go; no one from The View was even on hand to accept the Emmy.

Ellen and Portia await Vanessa Williams’ Big Gay opening number

The show was hosted by Vanessa Williams. In her opening musical number, a reworked “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You,” Williams manages to call out lesbian super couple Otalia and embarrass Ellen. Williams also proves that one of her parents was Benjamin Button, because the woman is aging backwards.

Jessica Rabbit called. She said, “Keep the dress. It looks better on you.”

The Otalia bit starts at 2:50, but the entire number is hilarious.


Jessica Leccia and Crystal Chappell, the actresses playing our favorite daytime lesbian couple Otalia, were on hand last night, which was bittersweet.

Jessica Leccia is all smiles even though ABC showed no interest in the resume she just presented to them on the red carpet. Unlike CBS, they’re interested in telling their lesbian stories off-screen, thanks

Guiding Light will be off the air in a month and All My Children has already shipped their lesbians off to Paris. Where will we go to be titillated now?

Tamara Braun accepts the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her work on NBC’s “Days of Our Lives,” wonders if Bianca is going to let her keep the statue on the nightstand

Other gay favorites, Tyra Banks and Sandra Oh, also attended last night’s awards show.

Tyra Banks shows off her Emmy for Most Informative Talk Show while plotting ways to up the ante next season. Maybe a gay social experiment on an island? One with polar bears?

Sandra Oh celebrates “Sesame Street”‘s Lifetime Achievement Award with a much friendlier face than the ones she’s grown accustomed to on the set of “Grey’s Anatomy”

Oh presented Sesame Street with a Lifetime Achievement Award. The video is worth it just to see Oh’s guest appearance as the Cookie Fairy on the long-lived children’s television show.


What was your favorite part of the 36th annual Daytime Emmys?