TV Alert: Rumer Willis plays gay on “90210” tonight

Tonight marks the return of 90210 on the CW, which means we’ll finally get introduced to Rumer Willis‘s lesbian character, Gia, who we don’t know much more about than to say she’s “punky” and will show up in the student newsroom.

However, it appears that there isn’t really any dialogue to clue us into her gayness — at least not yet. Even the actress herself said she isn’t sure what is in Gia’s future — or if she even has one.

“I don’t know yet,” Willis told E! “I’ve only done two episodes, and we’re just kind of seeing how she fits in with the storyline and how she fits in with the group.”

Rumer told the Chicago Sun-Times that she hopes the role will help “expand awareness” of LGBT issues.

“It’s tough enough going to high school, but if you’re gay and that young, that’s even tougher,” she said. “Many kids can not only not tell their parents, they feel they can’t tell their friends at school. …. I just hope some young women will watch the show and gain some confidence.”

OK, Rumer, show us what kind of script you’re working with.