Liz Feldman talks about her role on “The Jay Leno Show”

The new The Jay Leno Show debuts tonight and brings with it everyone’s favorite funny friendo, Liz Feldman. The favorite and out comedian will appear on the show as a correspondent, one of a series of young comic tapped by Jay to be showcased on his new series.

Liz talked about her role on the The Jay Leno Show wearing a familiar blue blazer, albeit a darker one than we know and love from her This Just Out With Liz Feldman segments. The video isn’t embeddable, so click this link to view it and then return right quick so we can talk about it. (Note: Nothing is wrong with your volume, sound gaps are just part of the original clip.)

She still has a blue blazer, albeit a darker one. I also like how she has cleverly managed to still get a rainbow flag in there — note the shirt. Liz explains that her bits will put her “in awkward situations and try to make the best of it.” One of her first segments will be about teaching Twitter to senior citizens. Liz tweeted last week that her first appearance will be Sept. 18.

Liz praised Jay for giving her and other young comics opportunities to gain national exposure. Among the Jay’s other correspondents are the more well known D.L. Hughley and lesser known comics Brian Unger, Nick Thune, Owen Benjamin, Marina Franklin, Sebastian Maniscalco, Mikey Day, Rachael Harris, Jim Norton, Dan Finnerty and The Dan Band.

Jay’s show premieres at 10 p.m. tonight on NBC. His first guests will be Jerry Seinfeld, Jay-Z, Rihanna and Kanye West. No word on whether Kanye plans to storm on stage and say something about Conan being the best late-night host of all time.

So, does Liz’s inclusion make you more excited about The Jay Leno Show? And will you be watching?