Kate Moennig goes long for “Three Rivers”

When is a new hairstyle not just a new hairstyle? When it’s the hairstyle for the most obsessed about former fictional lesbian hairstylist in all of the universe.

New promo shots of Kate Moennig were released with the artist formerly known as Shane is sporting long, lovely locks.

Kate’s new medical drama Three Rivers, about a team of elite surgeons who perform organ transplants and the patients they work with, has undergone several changes since its pilot.

Julia Ormond played Dr. Sophia Jordan, the head of surgery at Three Rivers Hospital, originally. But four-time Emmy winner Alfre Woodard has stepped into the role since the series was picked up. The first shots of her in the cast were also released.

Another noticeable change will be the doctors’ scrubs. In the pilot they were quite snug and form fitting. But for the series the clothing has become looser and more professional.

Series star Alex O’Loughlin (Moonlight), who plays lead surgeon Dr. Andy Yablonski, says the change was intentional: “Thank God, that was one of my problems with the pilot. We looked like an episode of Star Trek from back in the ’70s…. They’ve changed now, they’re more normal scrubby.”

Alex wasn’t joking about those old scrubs.



Of course, that also means we’re robbed of seeing those tight scrubs on Kate as Dr. Miranda Foster, a surgeon with a rebellious streak and fiery temper. But she looks pretty good in her doctor’s coat.

Bonus points for putting pockets in the new scrubs, too.

In case you were wondering, she uses those pockets a lot. No, really, a lot.

Oh, and while Dr. Foster sports long hair now, her ID proves that she was looking very Shane whenever her photo was taken.

Three Rivers premieres Oct. 4 on CBS. So what do you think of Kate’s and the show’s new looks?