Helen Hunt considering “Parenthood”

Now that Maura Tierney has withdrawn from Parenthood to focus on getting well, NBC has set its sights on a veteran TV comedian to step in. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Helen Hunt is the network’s first choice.

We haven’t seen Hunt on series television since she played Jamie Buchman on Mad About You. Mock me if you must, but I loved that show — it still makes me laugh when I see reruns. (Which reminds me, why did you stop airing reruns, Oxygen?)

Hunt won four Emmys and three Golden Globes for Mad About You and has gone on to an award-winning film career. In fact, in 1998 she won an acting Triple Crown — an Emmy for Mad and an Oscar and Golden Globe for As Good as it Gets.

In 2007, Hunt made her directorial debut in Then She Found Me, a remarkable film worth a spot on your Netflix queue if you haven’t seen it.

THR reports than Hunt is considering the offer. As sad as I am that Tierney had to drop out of Parenthood, I can’t think of a better replacement. Hunt can bring the class and the humor in a way that few actresses can. And the thought of seeing her on TV again every week makes me very, very happy.

What do you think of Helen Hunt in Parenthood? Would you like to see her return to television or continue her focus on film?