Catching up with the cast of “The L Word”

Every autumn for the last six years, lesbians everywhere have crowded around their computers for pre-season L Word training. Whether it was the Spoiler Dig, the Speculation Sprint or the Great Shipping War, we all came together with a common goal — to survive another season of our favorite Sapphic soap.

This year there will be no pre-season training because the ladies of The L shimmied off into the sunset — or, you know, drowned — after their sixth season. They may be far away from WeHo , but they’re never far from our hearts. So, we thought we’d take a few minutes to catch up with The L Word cast.

Where are they now? Well…

Jennifer Beals will be returning to Fox’s truth-telling drama, Lie to Me, on the second episode of the season, “Truth or Consequences,” on Oct. 5. (Note: the episode was originally scheduled as the third of the season, but it has been bumped up.)

Here she is as U.S. Assistant Attorney Zoe Landau, sitting in on a meeting with her ex-hubs.

And here she is playing my-briefcase-is-bigger-than-yours with some dude who will obviously lose the game.

Beals also has a small role in the upcoming apocalyptic action flick Book of Eli with Denzel Washington. Check out the trailer and watch her cry.


Book of Eli hits theaters Jan. 15, 2010.

The other half of the Mighty Tibette, Laurel Holloman, appeared on an episode of ABC’s Castle last week. Holloman’s screen time was limited and the scene was pretty bleak, what with her husband getting thrown off a building in the first ten minutes.

On the plus side, you can check out the patented Holloman head-nod and eye-roll in the clip below.


Mia Kirshner, Rose Rollins, Pam Grier and Kate French participated in “Pillow Talk” last weekend at the House of Blues at The Showboat in Atlantic City.

Gosh, they’re still cute. (Rose Rollins, call me!)

I can never remember the name of the Nikki/Jenny ship, but whatever it was it’s better than the ship Kate French’s character was on when she bonked Chuck Bass on last season’s Gossip Girl.

Out, proud, full-time employed Clementine Ford graces the cover of the October issue of Curve.

Inside, she talks about her mom, about making the transition to daytime star and about her girlfriend, Linda Perry.

Reflecting on her time with The L Word, Ford said:

Well, not to be all crazy feminist and whatever, but there is something really incredible … take the lesbian thing aside — so much of the crew were women, and being in that environment, working with so many strong women, was so empowering. It made me feel really positive.

On whether or not she would date someone like Shane:

That’s funny [because] I think I have. I think we have all dated someone like Shane — and been someone like Shane at some point. There’s people out there who would have some stories about me that are not great.

On what she does in her downtime:

I’ll tell you a secret — and she might get mad at me but I don’t care, print it — Elizabeth Keener who plays Dawn Denbo, loves America’s Next Top Model. We text each other about it.

You can watch a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot at the photographer’s website, here. And you can check out the October issue of Curve for lots more photos and the full interview.

Oh, and speaking of Shane, Kate Moennig‘s doctor drama, Three Rivers premieres on CBS on Oct. 4.

How are you filling your time this autumn without The L Word pre-season training?