Living with your ex becomes a reality

In my version of a toned-down hell, the theme from Lambchop is playing non-stop over loud speakers, Ann Coulter is on the radio, Rush Limbaugh is on the TV and I’m sharing a house with my ex simply because we don’t have the funds to move out. Well, leave it up to the Fox Reality channel to make at least part of this hellacious scenario come true all for the sake of making a buck.

In what is sure to be one of the most uncomfortable television programs to watch in the history of TV, Fox is now casting a new program, Living with Your Ex. The clever people in the casting department are using the following statement to woo possible participants:

Has the divorce left you stranded together, yet living separate lives? If so, opportunity is knocking!

Max and Jenny stuck around the same place on “The L Word” post-break-up

Yes, the opportunity is knocking! Show everyone how bad of a communicator you are! See how quickly and easily all of your faults are brought out for everyone to judge you! Just wait until the pimply-faced high school dropout checking you out at the grocery store tells you he’s sorry about how quickly your ex was able to move on while you held your bottle of Jack Daniels and cried yourself to sleep at night. Do you hear that? That’s opportunity knocking.

If the creators of this show were smart, they’d just dip back into the pool of talent they’ve already got! Grab all the couples from Cheaters and Sex Decoy: Love Sting and give them some more air time. Now that their love has already been open for public humiliation, they might as well keep airing their dirty laundry.

Jackie Warner and her ex Mimi would make great TV (again) — if they didn’t kill each other first

If that’s not enough, I’m sure you could get some of the fame-obsessed from Paradise Hotel and Battle of the Bods to get married, get a quick divorce and then get into cohabitation made for the small screen.

It makes me sad to think that people can be coerced into exploiting themselves because they need the money. It’s one thing to be a Real Housewife of Miami and get your own show simply because you want others to see how good you’ve got it. It’s a whole other thing to be a Real Housewife of Detroit who is struggling to pay the bills and then has $80,000 waved in front of their faces for participating in a show like this. It’s strange how much money and screen-time goes to people who don’t get along. Hopefully one of these days we won’t need to watch other people struggling in order to feel better about ourselves.