Naomi and Emily go public in the promo for the new season of “Skins”

Hey yo, Naomily fans! We’ve got a full-on treat for you today! OK, maybe not a full-on treat; it’s more like a super sweet tease, but teasing is treating in its own way, right? Hem hem. Anyway, yesterday the webby gurus over at E4 announced a video mash-up contest in which one lucky Skins fan — UK resident, age 18-25 — will win a week’s worth of paid experience with Skins editors.

For the contest, the Skins team provided loads of clips from series 3 and some "series 4 footage, never seen before on this earth by anyone but the very inner core of the Skins production team." The video is soundless and only usable by people entering the contest, but there were a few Naomily clips among the two minutes of new footage, and we just had to screencap it for you.

Here we’ve got Naomi and Emily entering school, holding hands, and then Emily pulling Naomi back for a kiss. In public. Oh, you two! You’ve worked out your closeted issues, for real!

Then there’s a really trippy tequila sequence, and I don’t mean to go all 30-year-old sage, because those mustaches and hats are crazy cute, but drinking tequila straight out of the bottle is always the last thing you remember before waking up on the bathroom floor. Just, I don’t know, at least drink some water before you pass out.

And then there’s this:

I have no idea what Naomi is smiling about here, but the thing is, she’s all smiles in every series 4 clip. Lesbian love looks good on her, huh?

If you’re interested in seeing actual moving footage, check out the fan videos on E4’s contest page. The copyright rules prevent us from snagging the footage and making our own (dozen) fanvids.

According to Tweets by various cast members, Skins’ series 4 is still filming. The eight-episode series is set to air in January in the UK. We’ll keep you posted on exact dates. In the meantime, how cute are Naomi and Emily in the S4 sneak peek?