Rebecca Romijn Joins Cast of “Ugly Betty”

Rebecca RomijnABC announced yesterday that Rebecca Romijn, who played Mystique in the X-Men trilogy of films, has been cast in a recurring role on the Salma Hayek-produced hit, Ugly Betty. According to the ABC press release,  “Romijn will play the mysterious woman behind the mask who’s been plotting to take over Mode Magazine.” Viewers of the addictive show will know that the woman behind the mask has been in the background throughout the fall season, but so far we don’t know who she is — except that maybe she’s the presumed-dead former-editor of Mode. Maybe that “accident” that supposedly “killed” her actually led to a miraculous series of plastic surgeries that resulted in her coming out looking like a former supermodel? You may remember that in addition to Romijn’s turn as Mystique, she also played bisexual thief Laure in the Brian de Palma film Femme Fatale. Many critics panned the movie as trashy, but IMO it has one of the hottest same-sex love scenes I’ve seen on film — with Romijn even looking kinda butch.

 Rebecca Romijn in Femme Fatale

Romijn’s character actually remained true to her female lover throughout the film, despite lying and thieving her way through Paris and the rest of the plot. But let’s be honest: Don’t watch the film to see Romijn being “honorable.” Watch it to see that amazing scene at the beginning involving a gold-and-diamond halter top and a bathroom stall. It’s worth it.