TV’s “most underrated actresses” rate high with us

If knows anything, it’s actresses. So when erstwhile blogger carolinagrrrl, who now collects embarrassing stories for dude TMI! (and occasionally attends class at law school), tipped us off to EW’s latest list, “16 Wildly Underrated Actresses,” I wasn’t surprised that they’re all quite highly rated by us.

As usual, the list could use more diversity (the selections were EW readers, not the editors), but all of the choices are good ones. Here are some highlights:

Alyson Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother

Yes, she’s underrated. And yes, we know it’s ridiculous. Alyson was a revelation as Willow, but when I watch HIMYM, all I see is Lily. It’s an acting miracle.

The women of Mad Men

Remember when Elisabeth Moss was Zoe Bartlett on West Wing? Or when January Jones was Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend? Or when Christina Hendricks was flat-chested? OK, I made up that last one, but you get the, um, point.

Katee Sackhoff, Battlestar Galactica

Face it, Starbuck would not have been as, well, Starbucky without Katee. And if you need convincing that she is indeed underrated, consider this: Nip/Tuck recast her character Dr. Rowe with Rose McGowan and apparently thought no one would notice. Wrong.

Brooke Smith, Grey’s Anatomy

Sigh. As much as I love Calzona, I will never forgive Grey’s for summarily dismissing Brooke without explanation. The reader who nominated Smith said that Sara Ramirez deserves a spot on this list, too. Agreed.

Maura Tierney, ER

I can’t imagine ER without Abby. And much like Abby, Maura provided consistently brilliant, intense and often raw performances without ever winning an Emmy. Take care of yourself during breast cancer treatment, friend, so you can show us your acting magic again soon.

Yunjim Kim, Lost

Kim has long been recognized in Asia, but her stellar Lost performance has been thus far unrewarded at awards festivals. My love for Lost waxes and wanes, but my love for Sun never fails.

Sarah Shahi, Life

Oddly, Sarah is listed in the publicity about the list, but is not in the EW gallery. Weird. Not that it stops us from knowing a smoking hot talented actress when we see one.

Another odd thing about EW’s list is the lack of African American actresses, especially given the possibilities. Chandra Wilson, Wanda Sykes, Vanessa Williams, Pam Grier — I could go on and on.

But that’s your job. So, check out the “official” list and tell us what you think. Who makes your list of underrated TV actresses?