Have yourself a merry little Christmas with the Deschanel sisters

Christmas is coming early for Bones fans — both literally and figuratively. The rumored Deschanel sister pairing is actually happening, in fact it has already been filmed for the show’s Christmas episode to air Dec. 10. This will mark the first time Emily and Zooey Deschanel will appear on screen together.

Zooey will appear as Margaret Whitesell, a distant relative to big sister Emily’s Dr. Temperance Brennan. According to Zap2It, Brennan’s father (Ryan O’Neal) invited Margaret to spend Christmas with him and Brennan in an episode titled “The Goop on the Girl.” In the episode, Booth and Brennan investigate the explosive death of a man in a Santa suit during a bank robbery. I hope for Zooey’s sake she isn’t the girl with said goop, because — you know — ewww.

Last week, series creator Hart Hanson tweeted about Zooey’s appearance saying: “The Deschanel sisters working it together! We may have hit our quotient for fun and amusing. They obviously adore each other.”

That last part sure seems true. They appear frequently at each other’s premieres and parties, and they always look like they’re genuinely enjoy each other’s company. I can all but guarantee that I will enjoy watching them enjoy each other’s company on that very special episode of Bones. I say the more Deschanels, the better.