“Gossip Girl” Facebook recap: “The Grandfather: II”

We’ve got a Gossip Girl Facebook recap for you today, but before we hack into the UES’ social network, we have got to talk about the total Gay Fest that was “The Grandfather: II.” There was Blair asking out another girl, Chuck’s “Don’t tell me after 18 years, you can’t read Waldorf subtext,” Blair and Serena’s heartbreaking look of longing across the street, and Blair lying awake in bed missing Serena.

The whole thing played like an angsty Waldsen fanfic, set to a soundtrack by McG. I mean, you guys, Blair hired a call girl to make Serena jealous. I like it! I say: more of it!

Now, on to the recap!

Tomorrow we’ll be handicapping all the potential Gossip Girl threesomes for next week’s episode. What did you think of “The Grandfather: II?”