“90210” exec Rebecca Sinclair reveals insider info on the show’s lesbian relationship

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, 90210 show runner Rebecca Sinclair gives us some, er, straight talk about what’s in store for the nascent lesbian relationship we reported on last week.

Sinclair insists that the relationship between Gia and another female character is far from the faux-lesbian flings so notoriously exploited by primetime soaps. She explains that they’re “coming at this [relationship] from a genuine place,” rather than creating a “titillating story that will grab some promotion.” Titillating. Ha.

Caution: Spoilers ahead.

As for the reasons behind Adrianna being the lucky baby dyke for Rumer Willis‘ lesbian character, Gia, Sinclair states that it’s not some “rebound” on the heels of her breakup with Navid — Adrianna’s identity is not “completely solid” and she’s still “very much in the process of figuring out [who] she is.”

Sinclair goes on to say that the flirtation between the two teens “starts from Gia’s side,” who befriends her through AA and then “develops a crush on [Adrianna],” which freaks Adrianna out. But later, she “starts to question her own feelings.”

Adrianna’s friends react the way that any typical teenagers would: Naomi emphasizes how much guys will love Adrianna’s “fooling around with another girl,” while Silver reasons, “If you like somebody and you feel attracted to them, what is holding you back?”

Sinclair says that it would be “great if everyone on the show was bisexual. It would provide [lots] of interesting combinations.” She seems genuinely dedicated to the integrity of the Giadrianna (I think this one’s gonna stick, Linster) relationship and makes it clear that the writers aren’t going to exploit lesbianism at is usually does. In fact, she says she would “love to have a gay guy” on the show and “multiple gay relationships on the show.” Though there is no particular male they have in mind to play gay, too, it looks like 90210 has just gone gaga for the gays.

What do you think of the Giadrianna developments?