Extreme Makeover–Betty and Veronica Edition

After more than half a century of form-fitting sweaters and torpedo brassieres, Betty and Veronica are getting real. The two are getting a makeover for the Betty & Veronica Double Digest issue, beginning May, 2007. Archie and the gang are before my time, but look here. I’m a huge fan of the torpedo bra under a tight angora. Why go messing with a classic?

I hope they give Jughead a new look too, if this is where they’re going. It’s time to lose that Burger King crown. Even though their looks are getting updated, don’t expect to see the gang changing their innocent ways.

“There will be no denigrating anybody, no putting down authority or family, no sex, no drugs. The characters will still wear seat belts. There’ll be no smoking. Nobody is going to break the law. It’s going to be the same thing from dear old Riverdale that we know and love,” said Archie Comics’ publisher Michael Silberkleit.

Party pooper.


Who else thinks Betty and Veronica look like Ashley and Spencer now? Now there’s an idea. How ’bout a comic book version of South of Nowhere where Spashley are free to act more like real girlfriends, without tweaking the delicate sensibilities of those buzz-kills at The N?

It worked for Willow and Tara. Would you read a SoN comic book?

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