Janina Gavankar’s search party

janinagavankar.jpgFor a sneak preview of a new L Word star’s acting talent, pay a visit to Ms. Dewey.com, the interactive search engine Microsoft quietly launched in October.

Janina Gavankar, who will play Papi on the upcoming season of The L Word, is the face of this online utility. Type in a question and Ms. D will deliver an animated reply, serving up your search results with a heaping side o’ sauce. She’s a sexy librarian type who’s very chatty and more than a little needy. Sometimes she tells a joke while you’re waiting for your results, or she taps impatiently if you take too long typing in your search terms, but she just might be hot enough to get away with it. She has something to say about everything, and with more than 600 sound bites shot over three days, chances are she’ll exhaust you before you exhaust her arsenal of responses.

Janina — a classically trained pianist, vocalist and orchestral percussionist — also has a musical career. Just ask Ms. Dewey about her. Or, better yet, have a listen for yourself here.