Is “Charlie’s Angels” going to wing it back to television?

Hello, Angels. Hello, Television. Yep, Charlie’s Angels might be coming back to a TV screen near you. Now, I know there was talk earlier this year about a fourth film in the franchise, but this is a full-on series reboot. Um, OK, but will you please promise to make their hair as bouncy as the originals?

According to Variety, ABC is close to ordering a pilot for an update of the popular ’70s series. Helming the new Angels would be a man who already knows a thing or two about remakes: Josh Friedman. The Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles creator is set to write and executive produce the new Angels.

Now, that series was hit and miss. It featured an excellent cast (Lena Headey! Summer Glau!) and interesting storyline, but failed to attract a broad audience and was cancelled after two seasons. Also, Friedman’s background (writing The Black Dahlia, War of the Worlds and Chain Reaction) is heavy on the drama, light on the camp.

This leads me to think a new Angels would be less fluffy fun and more serious stakes. Well, that would be different.

Joining Friedman on the production team will be two veterans of the franchise: original Charlie’s Angels producer Leonard Goldberg (who started the series with Aaron Spelling in 1976) and Drew Barrymore (who re-started the series in 2000 with the film and its sequel).

Still a series remake is always tricky business. Some have met with success (90210, V), others not so much (Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, Melrose Place — I could go on.) But I will never poo-poo the opportunity for women to take on what could potentially be strong, kick-ass roles. The Variety article said the new show is “expected to be geared toward a new generation while paying homage to the past.”

So now, the guessing game of who would fill the iconic shoes of original Angels Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. I’d love to see a more diverse group. But what I really, really want to see is a queer Angel. Look, the odds are if you have three strong, independent, intelligent, ass-kicking, crime-fighting women, at least one of them will be a gay lady.

Also, for heaven’s sake, make Charlie a woman. This is 2009, not 1976. We can be disembodied voices at the end of speakerphones as well as any fella.

Is an Angels reboot a good idea? And, if so, who should get her wings?