RachelWatch: In Knots over a Bow

Today: Ana Marie Cox, Naomi Klein, and the amazing Frank Schaeffer talks about the far right “trawling for assassins.”

Control, Halt, Delete

Rachel started us off with the news that Congressman Bart Stupak (D – Michigan) is still trying to kill the health reform bill if it doesn’t contain his sweeping anti-choice amendment, still lying about what the language in the amendment actually says (way to stand up for your principles, weaseldog), and is still about as good at lying as Vicky Pollard is on Little Britain.

As Rachel pointed out, Stupak is not acting alone. Let’s face it: He’s probably not managing to get his shoes on the right foot alone.

Stupak is getting a little help from his pals at The Family — the only bipartisan work we’re seeing in Congress at all lately. Which would be an inspiring example if they weren’t dedicated to establishing a national theocracy.

Oddly enough for a dorm full of men chosen by God, The Family’s C Street House residents have run into a spot of trouble lately.

Jeff Sharlet, the author of the profoundly scary book The Family, dropped in to talk about tax laws and the problems that crop up when your church becomes famous for its members schtupping everything in creation.

While You Were Out

President Obama spoke in China Tuesday to talk about human rights, censorship, and the global economy, while at home members of the far right went completely batpuckey over Obama making a basic gesture of respect.

Dick Cheney thoughtfully took time off from slouching toward Bethlehem to talk about how we’re way too studly as a nation to bow to anyone nyah nyah nyah no girls allowed in his tree house.

Meanwhile the Washington Times charmingly took the opportunity to print a column so racist that George Wallace scrambled out of his grave just to distance himself from it.

If talking about “blood impulse” doesn’t bum you out, wait until Rachel gets to the teddy bears — a cuddly reminder to pray for the death of our President. I’m not kidding.

Rachel welcomed Frank Schaeffer of the Huffington Post to talk about why this really isn’t cute.

Daddy Warbucks

Rachel reported that Transparency International has released its 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index, on which, oh, dear, well, at least we’re in the top 20.

Iraq and Afghanistan were the 5th and 2nd worst countries, respectively, and we are doing our level best to help keep their averages high.

Turns out Agility, née Public Warehousing Company, has been defrauding the government like it’s ’80’s Nostalgia Week, and the contract to take care of security at Baghdad Airport went to our old pals at ArmorGroup.

If you have a layover in Iraq, DO NOT STOP BY THE LOUNGE AND ASK FOR A DRINK.

Naomi Klein, the author of No Logo, stopped by the studio to talk about war as a for-profit enterprise and thus unsettle you for the next several days.

Ms. Information

Barack Obama spoke at a town hall in China that was not broadcast on the Chinese national TV networks, and his remarks on censorship were scrubbed from the People’s Daily Online.

Work of Friction

Rachel noted that Sarah Palin’s book is getting a lot of attention from the gotcha media just because she got a bunch of dumb old facts wrong.

Like what her legal bills were for.

Nicolle Wallace, a senior advisor to the McCain campaign, gets the blame in Palin’s book for sending her off to big mean Katie Couric and her mean hard questions, and also somehow for Palin’s supercool new wardrobe.

Ms. Wallace remembers things a little differently.

Ana Marie Cox (hooray!) checked in for an interesting wonk(ette) perspective on the whole debacle. As bad as it seems as a political outsider, it looks like for insiders Palin has really upset the dogsled.

And then maybe set it on fire.

And then shot at it from a helicopter a few times, just to be safe.