CBS pulls “Three Rivers” from the schedule midstream

Oh, Three Rivers, we barely knew ya. And now, well, you’re gone — or, at the very least, gone for a while. CBS has put Kate Moennig’s new medical drama on hiatus and pulled indefinitely from its upcoming schedule.

Does this mean Three Rivers is headed for slow ride down the River Styx? (Too obscure? Whatever, the loss of Kate from TV is sort of mythological.) Well, maybe. While the show hasn’t been officially canceled, the ratings through its first eight episodes weren’t stellar. This all-too often leads to a permanent vacation (think Dollhouse being pulled for November sweeps and then canceled).

The series has gone through a lot of retooling and rescheduling during its short run. Julia Ormond was replaced by four-time Emmy winner Alfre Woodard as the show’s head of surgery. The pilot was swapped with its second episode as the show’s premiere. And CBS bumped the show to a later 10 p.m. Sunday timeslot in hopes of garnering more ratings.

Apparently the brass still wasn’t happy with the results because the show is being replaced on Sunday nights with repeats of NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Minds and Cold Case through December. No word on whether the final five episodes of its original 13 episode order will air or not.

I confess that this news makes me feel a little guilty because I haven’t had a chance to watch Three Rivers yet (thereby more than likely contributing to its weak ratings and schedule pulling). I have, however, greatly enjoyed seeing pictures of Kate playing doctor. Which led to dreaming about playing doctor with Kate. And finally imagining sexy candy-stripper costumes to wear while — um, what, I’m sorry, are you still here?

So, what do you think about Three Rivers getting diverted off the schedule? Did you watch? Will you miss seeing Kate every week on your TV? On the plus side, perhaps this means she can stop wearing that wig.