Review of “Chica Busca Chica” (“Girl Seeks Girl”)

Since its debut in 2007, the web series Chica Busca Chica, or “girl seeks girl,” has emerged as “Spain’s answer to The L Word,” with its mostly lesbian cast, constant hookups and hilarious antics. 

Indeed, Chica Busca Chica shares many similarities to one of the most well-known lesbian TV shows in America memorable characters, a focus on sex and relationships, and a cast of beautiful women. Yet the show lacks the exploration of serious issues in the LGBT community that made the Showtime series so dramatic.  

Still, Chica Busca Chica succeeds as a blithe comedy that explores dating, cheating and lesbian life in present-day Madrid, and it’s now available in Spanish with English subtitles on DVD through Wolfe Video.

The show revolves around four major cast members: Nines the “Flirt” (Celia Freijeiro), Mónica the “Psycho” (Cristina Pons), Carmen the “Hetero” (Sandra Collantes), and Ana the “Newbie” (Almudena Gallego).

The interactions (which often lead to hookups) between the women are usually absurd and the banter is always irreverent (it’s fun to figure out the Spanish word for “dyke” and other related vocabulary). The characters’ lives are presented in a humorous light that is fun, sexy and captivating.

Spanish TV star Freijeiro sizzles as Nines, the resident player (think Shane from The L Word, but not as scruffy) who bartends at the “Chica Busca Chica” dyke bar in downtown Madrid. Using her lame but ever-successful “you have an eyelash on you cheek” trick, Nines is able to make every woman fall at her feet. (Read our interview with Celia Freijeiro here.)

When she’s not spending her time romancing every woman she meets, Nines is also a comic book artist who pitches her idea of a superheroine to her unimpressed and frustrated on-again, off-again girlfriend (and editor), Rossi.

When we’re first introduced to Nines, we find her tiptoeing out of Mónica’s room the morning after they sleep together. While Mónica blissfully slumbers after a night of passion with the new love of her life, Nines can’t even remember Mónica’s name. She even hits on Mónica’s roommate, Carmen, on her way out the door.