Liz Feldman forecasts love on “Leno”

Out comic and favorite Liz Feldman stopped by The Jay Leno Show last night for one of her "Liz in Hollywood" segments. In it, she visited The Today Show to learn to forecast the weather — and also to moon over Al Roker.

First, she interviewed the cast of Today.

Ann Curry: So you like that Al Roker, huh?

Liz Feldman: Love.

Ann Curry: Oh, you love him?

Liz Feldman: I just want to be like a pig in his blanket; you know what I mean?

Ann Curry: Oh, um. Uh huh. Well, I think that Al Roker would let you into his piggy blanket any time. I think he would like you. I, um —

Liz Feldman: That sounds like a euphemism.

Ann Curry: [laughing] I know! Are you going to, um — [looking at the camera] she’s making me uncomfortable!

That Ann Curry is a hoot! Who knew?

Liz Feldman: What is it like to work with Roker?

Matt Lauer: Well, he knows nothing about the weather, but that doesn’t seem to —

Liz Feldman: You don’t know anything about the weather.

Matt Lauer: That’s true, but —

Liz Feldman: No, this interview’s over!


Then she sat down for a romantic breakfast with Roker, shared some coffee with him (she likes hers black), and got some lessons on being a weatherperson.

She even made a guest appearance on Today to do the forecast:

Well, it looks like there’s going to be clouds over America. Oh, and the sun is going to be wearing sunglasses!

Check out the whole segment below!


I wish Liz did the weather every day.

Did anyone catch Liz on Leno last night?