Mariel Hemingway renews her dykon status

In Her Line of FireNothing says B-movie like a vice president in distress — or a slightly disheveled-looking secret service agent (played by dykon Mariel Hemingway of Personal Best fame) racing through the jungles of some nameless tropical island to save him and a hottie journalist (out lesbian actress Jill Bennett) after Air Force 2 crashes in a remote location overrun by inept revolutionaries being trained by a psychopath. Got that? Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to make sense. Though In Her Line of Fire, which comes from here! (the same folks who brought you such trashy delights as Dante’s Cove and a series of documentaries about lesbian sex), is not exactly award-winning filmmaking, its B-movie thrills translate into a kind of lesbian pulp fiction that brings to mind heaving bosoms and prison guards. The movie, which first aired on here! last April, is now available on DVD. The  lovely Bennett (who was a recent guest on’s She Said What? talk show) invests as much sincerity as she can into her sometimes less-than-zingy lines. Even more admirably — especially for the femme-in-distress she plays — she makes do with the outfits she has available to her. Shortly after her crash landing on the tropical island, she limps out of the ocean with the sleeve of her business-like blouse strategically ripped to reveal a tattoo on her shoulder, wearing a khaki skirt that seems remarkably pressed for having survived a near-drowning, and no shoes. Luckily, Mariel Hemingway (the secret service agent) is there to fashion some footwear for her out of leaves and electrical tape (no idea where that tape came from). Shortly thereafter, the V.P. lifts some camouflage duds from a bunch of bathing rebels. Mysteriously, the clothes, which were originally meant for much larger men, fit Bennett perfectly — and one of the items is a red muscle shirt that reveals she has a matching tattoo on the other shoulder.

 Jill Bennett and her wardrobe

While I’m a big fan of girls in camo, I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get to see Bennett’s other outfit slowly being torn away by the jungle foliage until all that remains is a Gabrielle-like two-piece fighting uniform. Anyway, I digress. Mariel Hemingway isn’t entirely convincing as a hard-assed Gulf War veteran (I think her hair is too long), and the White House seems remarkably unconcerned about their missing V.P., but the psychopath who holds them captive seems to be relishing his evil-tastic role, and on the whole, it’s not a bad way to spend an hour and a half. Plus, there’s some lesbian kissing in the end. You can get it here.