Maura Tierney is on course to return to TV

Good news for the holiday season: Maura Tierney is doing great.

The actress, who had to withdraw from new show Parenthood after a breast cancer diagnosis, is recovering nicely from her treatment and will return to her role in Rescue Me, according to the show’s producer Peter Tolan.

“We are just about finished writing the entire sixth season, which is about 10 episodes, and then there are nine more [for Season 7]”, he told People, “so we know we’re going to bring back Maura Tierney, because we loved her and she loved us, which is even more fulfilling. She can take care of herself and come back.” Her episodes are on the shooting schedule for Spring 2010.

Tierney appeared in Rescue Me’s fifth season as Kelly McPhee, a rocker chick who worked her way up the ladder, so to speak, eventually finding a several-episode romance with Tommy (Denis Leary).

Although Kelly and Tommy parted ways in the fifth season finale, she will return before the series ends. Since the finale also left Tommy apparently bleeding to death, we don’t yet know the circumstances that will bring Kelly back.

Personally, I’ve never found much to like about Rescue Me. From the few episodes I’ve seen, the show seems to be sexist and downright depressing. But I’m thrilled to hear that Tierney is winning her fight with breast cancer and hope that her return to Rescue Me means that she’ll soon get a new series of her own.

Or at least get to show us more of her red-hot poker skills.

Are you ready for more Maura?