Ellen, “Glee” and Alyson Hannigan win at the “People’s Choice Awards”

The People have spoken! They have given out their crystal, tear drop-shaped awards, and they want you to know one thing: The People love vampires. They love movies about vampires. They love TV shows about vampires. They love actors who play vampires. They love the girlfriends of actors who play vampires.

Also, the People love Ellen DeGeneres.

In the throes of last night’s Twilight Saga Appreciation Festival, Ellen snagged her 11th People’s Choice Award for Favorite Talk Show Host.

“This is an honor,” Ellen told the audience. “I’m proud to be in this category. Oprah, I love you and I’m sorry to hear your show got canceled.”

In other gay-related recognition, Glee won Favorite TV Comedy, and Lady Gaga won Favorite Breakout Music Artist and Favorite Pop Artist. The Glee cast was on-hand to accept their award, but Lady Gaga was absent — presumably because Adam Lambert was also nominated for Favorite Breakout Music Artist and if the two were ever to meet in real life, the collision of props and glitter and awesome queeritude would rip the fabric of the space-time continuum in half.

Several other AfterEllen.com favorites collected trophies last night.

Alyson Hannigan won Favorite TV Comedy Actress

She can’t believe she’s a fan favorite. She obviously doesn’t read AfterEllen.com. Or Buffy fan fiction.

Olivia Wilde‘s House won Favorite TV Drama

“I call this my ‘strangle a mountain ox’ pose.”

Sandra Bullock won Favorite Movie Actress and The Proposal won Favorite Comedy

“The fourth way Betty White outshone me in The Proposal was…”

Taylor Swift won favorite Female Artist

“So then I was like, wouldn’t it be cool if I played the popular girl and the nerdy girl in the video?”

Carrie Underwood won Favorite Country Artist

“Is Taylor Swift the new Carrie Underwood? I don’t even know what that means, y’all.”

Mariah Carey won Favorite R&B Artist

“Nick, why are you posing like this is the prom?”

Queen Latifah played host

“Whaaaaat? Did you just say Adam Lambert would win the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Queen?”

“Hey, Rob, it’s Taylor. What do you mean ‘Taylor who?’ Taylor Lautner. How many other Taylors do you — whatever. Look, I was just calling to tell you the People chose me as Favorite Breakout Actor. Team Jacob forever!”

“Sandy, I’m flattered, but — hang on, my phone is vibrating in my pocket. It’s probably Portia, she’s watching from — wow, no seriously, I’m happily married. Ryan, a little help?”

Here’s a full list of People’s Choice winners.

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