Showtime’s cancer comedy “The Big ‘C'” gets picked up

Showtime announced Friday that it will begin filming 13 episodes of The Big “C” starring (and co-produced by) Laura Linney for a fall debut. Formerly known as The C Word, the comedy about cancer’s producers must have realized how silly it sounded to have a near namesake with the most famous lesbian series from the same channel, and thankfully changed the title.

Linney, whose TV fame includes her Emmy-winning role as Abigail Adams in HBO’s John Adams and movie career includes hits like Kinsey and Love Actually, will star in The Big C as a “reserved suburban wife and mother whose cancer diagnosis rocks her life, in some ways for the better.” The series is slated as a dark comedy in which Linney, after her diagnosis, re-prioritizes her life and finds humor and positivity. Showtime’s president of entertainment, Robert Greenblatt describes Linney’s character’s journey as “complex, requiring layers of comedy and drama.”

Kinsey co-star Oliver Platt, plays Linney’s “immature but well-meaning” husband. As we previously reported, Precious star Gabourey Sidibe is still in talks to play alongside Linney, but no word is confirmed.

Will you tune in this fall for Linney’s Showtime comedic foray?