Review of “A Family is a Family is a Family: A Rosie O’Donnell Celebration”

In her A Family is a Family is a Family documentary, which premiered on HBO Sunday night, co-executive producer Rosie O’ Donnell harnesses the potent power of catchy songs and adorable kids as she seeks to answer the question "What is a family?"

Rosie O’ Donnell with her kids (clockwise from back row center, Blake,
Parker, Vivienne, and Chelsea)

A Family is a Family is a Family features interviews with two sisters who explain international adoption; three brothers who live with a single mom and their grandmother; an only child who prays over dinner with her two dads; an older sister who explains how her baby sister was conceived by in vitro fertilization; two brothers who are preparing for their moms’ wedding; a brother and sister whose mom and dad fell in love at first sight; and the cutest, most diverse batch of children ever assembled on primetime.

So, what is a family?

Brother #1: You need a mom and a dad. Or you can have two moms and two dads. Or one mom and no dads.

Brother #2: Or two moms!

Brother #1: Or just one dad.

Brother #2: Or two dads!

Only child: It doesn’t matter if you have one parent; it doesn’t matter if you have two moms; it doesn’t matter if you have two dads. Just stick with it. A family is a family.

Meet Becky’s family.

Becky: I live with two dads. The reason we have parents is because they can protect you! They read you books at night, and when you want to play something, they can play with you.