Frolic with “Parks & Recreation” for another season

Fans of gay penguins, pretty dark-haired women and breakfast food unite! Parks and Recreation has been renewed for a third season. Is it too early to start the Leslie Knope for President in 2012 campaign?

The sophomore sitcom on NBC has bounced back this season to become, at least in my book, the most-improved series on TV. Amy Poehler grows more endearing and hilarious each episode. Those turned off by the too-similar format to The Office and general unfunniness last season should give the show a second chance.

Look, I took some convincing myself — but it was our very own Heather Hogan who ultimately got me hooked on the show. And while I can’t agree with her assertion that the show is better than my beloved 30 Rock (them’s fighting words, Hogan!), I will say coupling the two shows via the magic of my DVR is my favorite hour of TV each week.

From marrying gay penguins to trips to strip clubs to dropping trou on community access TV, the show keeps putting out stellar, laugh-out-loud television. And while it’s still behind 30 Rock, The Office and Community in ratings, the show is growing its audience. And, according The Hollywood Reporter, it ranks amount the top 15 shows on the major networks for the coveted 18-49 viewership.


All I know is other than his libertarian leanings (and magnificent mustache), I just might be Ron Swanson. I, too, love a pretty, dark-haired woman and breakfast food. How about you?