CBS rejects gay ads but doesn’t mind sexist ones

Since last week, our brothers at have been following CBS and the Case of the Thwarted ManCrunch.

If you’re new to the story, here’s the mini-cap: ManCrunch, a gay dating site, created a Super Bowl ad showing two football fans locked in a campy embrace after their hands met in a chip bowl. At first, CBS’ Standards and Practices rejected the commercial on the grounds that they don’t air advocacy ads during the Super Bowl. Critics were quick to point out that the network happily accepted an anti-abortion commercial narrated by Tim Tebow and paid for by Focus on the Family, home of notorious homophobe James Dobson. At that point, CBS changed their song and said they were unable to verify ManCrunch’s funds, even though editor in chief Michael Jensen checked with the company to see that they were in order. Now there is even speculation that CBS helped Focus on the Family create their anti-abortion commercial.

We’ve been scratching our heads all week, trying to figure out what kind of regulations are enforced over at CBS’ Standards and Practices. Well, today we finally got our hands on some top secret storyboards that various companies used to pitch their Super Bowl commercials — and they still have the network’s notes attached.

Take a look and see what you think.

Man, Budweiser really outdid themselves this year.

Have you been following the ManCrunch story? What are your thoughts?