“Desperate Housewives” mini-cap: Everyone loves an ex-stripper

Previously, on Desperate Housewives — Want to spice up a show? Introduce a stripper with a heart of gold.

This week, we learned just how brightly Robin Gallagher’s golden heart shines. We also learned just how annoying her little-girl voice is. And honestly, if not for writing this mini-cap, I’m not sure I could’ve endured an entire hour of listening to it. Julie Benz, you’re better than this.

But I am resolved to linger through the lesbian storyline, so here’s hoping Robin’s voice will go down. Ahem.

The episode, “Lovely,” was all about showing us that Robin-the-ex-stripper is, well, lovely. The men of Wisteria Lane already had a good feeling about her.

The women, however, were a wee bit miffed about the new stripper on the block, so one by one they had to be convinced that she was worthy of their friendship. Sure enough, each wife gets an audience with Robin during which they learn that she has the wisdom of a hundred lesbian ex-strippers.

Of course, we only really care about her interaction with Katherine (Dana Delany). This was indeed the week of The First Kiss. But it was not a lesbian kiss; it was a straight kiss in which one of the women happened to be a lesbian. What makes it OK is that Katherine didn’t hate it. Here’s a clip of the kiss and its aftermath.


I think this episode was what will make it OK for Katherine to be with Robin — if that’s what happens. Robin won the hearts of the whole neighborhood, so they will know that Katherine’s heart is safe in her hands.


Remember how it was before you came out and you found out someone you knew was a lesbian? All that sneaking around in bookstores looking at The Joy of Lesbian Sex hidden inside a Seventeen magazine suddenly came into focus and you could think of nothing else except that you knew a lesbian and your life would never be the same. That’s how Katherine feels.

I can hardly wait to see what happens next.

Did you watch Desperate Housewives this week? Do you think Robin and Katherine are a good match?