Marcia Cross wants to kiss girls, too

With all the hoopla surrounding the lesbian storyline on Desperate Housewives, we aren’t surprised that the other housewives want to get in on the publicity, if not the action.

But Marcia Cross is very clear about what she wants for her character Bree: a lesbian of her very own.

Spoiler TV asked Cross what she thought of the romance between Katherine (Dana Delany) and Robin (Julie Benz).

“I’m a little jealous that I’m not involved,” she said.

When asked which housewife she’d most like to lock lips with, Cross was equally direct: “All of them! They’re fabulous.”

As in a group? Maybe “Desperate Lesbians?”

“Why not! I love it! I’m in,” she said. “We’ll start a new rumor — and I don’t care!” (Remember this rumor, Marcia?)

Actually, Bree is one of the last housewives to kiss a girl, if not to like it. Susan and Gaby had their lady-smooches last season when Susan got a peck from her boss Jessie, followed by a grab from Gaby.

So, the only fair resolution seems to be an affair between Lynette and Bree — a pairing that has sparked no small amount of slash fiction already. Brynette anyone?

In any case, never let it be said that we don’t do our part to promote the cause of girl/girl kissing on TV. Are you listening, ABC?

Who would you most like to see in a lip lock with Bree?