“Desperate Housewives” mini-cap: It always counts

Previously on Desperate Housewives… Want to prove you’re straight? Have drunken sex with a hot lesbian.

After making us wait an extra week to see the aftermath of Katherine and Robin’s sexcellent adventure, this week’s episode was way too Lesbian Light. (And I’m sorry, Drea de Matteo, but your storyline on DH is the worst.) “Chromolune #7” ended on a promising note, though.

Most of us recognize that expression on Katherine’s face in the first scene. It’s the “I did something drunk that I don’t know if I would’ve done sober” look. When I was trying hard to be straight, I’d get drunk and make out with guys — it was the only way I could stand it. But, unlike Katherine, I didn’t stop to wonder what it all meant. I really didn’t want to know.

Katherine, however, is all about discovering who she is after the whole nervous breakdown and all. So, she pops in for a consultation with Wisteria Lane’s official gays, Bob and Lee.

Here’s the clip.


Yeah, I’m not so sure about the “Holy Chaz Bono” comment, either. Note to Marc Cherry: Chaz is not a lesbian; he’s a transman. Mm-kay?

Robin is away at a wedding, so Katherine has a few days to decide whether or not she’s a lesbian. And whether she’d rather have sex with someone like this:

Or someone like this:

Katherine comes to the worst possible conclusion: She was drunk so the sex with Robin didn’t count. But the way Robin responds to that claim makes me want her to become a permanent resident of Wisteria Lane.


Yep, it counts. Thank you. Somebody make a T-shirt.

Spoilers for next week indicate that it counted far more than Katherine thinks. But the way she sort of melted into that kiss gives us a pretty good indication of what’s coming, so to speak.

Just a note: We still haven’t found an international link for clips, but a reader told me that Canadians can watch the episodes online at CTV. Also, zap2it.com has a play-by-play recap in case you can’t find a place to watch. Let me know in the comments if that helps.

What did you think of this week’s RobKat developments? Did the conversation with Lee and Bob ring true?